The Scope of Projects Always Expands

Last night I got some nice, deep sleep. Which is great because now I know my name again and I'm not struggling staying awake at the wheel. And even better, I can show you all the digging we did :)

And some extra digging.

You see, there was this downspout

We didn't think it was great that it ran off from the roof and dumped water so tight on our foundation. Not to mention next to our PG&E meter, an electrical line in the dog house, and on the edge of our (soon to be there) pavers. So Chris thought, hey, let's dig a trench and run the downspout underground.

More digging.


I have to admit, it was a good idea, but I wasn't looking forward to the extra digging it would take to lay a perf pipe underground. But, extra digging we did (thank goodness it wasn't really too much extra)

We debated if we should just dig a long trench and lay the perforated pipe in it and let the water seep out as it flowed down the trench, or if we should dig a dry well where the water would dump out like on the side of our house. Eventually we decided against the dry well idea for 2 reasons: 1) laziness and 2) there really isn't too much water that dumps out of this downspout because most of it runs off the downspout at the front of the house.

Thankfully then we only had to work on digging a trench that would run the length of the driveway. We encountered old sprinkler lines

But overall things went well

Once the trench was dug, instead of purchasing gravel to line it with we used the last little bits of gravel-y pieces of concrete

Once the lining was done we put the sock on the perf pipe

And we laid the pipe in the trench, wrapped it in filter fabric and put another layer of gravel on top

Then it was time to dig again. The plan was to dig out the entire driveway about 11 inches. This would be 3 inches lower than the rest of the patio in the back, but it's necessary to dig deeper when a car will be sitting on top so that the pavers don't get out of place and start popping up in different places. I was not looking forward to it because if you didn't already know, I am really sick of digging. But dig away we did

That first day we didn't get too much digging in the driveway done because we had spent the earlier part of the day working on the trench and laying the perf pipe.

The second day I worked for a little while before I had to go to work and my 74 year old neighbor from down the street came to help, oh, just for some exercise (seriously, what a rockstar is he???)

On Wednesday our goal was to get it all dug out and leveled. And we knew that leveling part sucked really bad

By lunchtime/early afternoon we were finished (and I was supremely happy I didn't have to curse and call the dirt names in my exhaustion of digging anymore)

Oh, but the fun wasn't done. Chris had a Dr. appointment and I did some work for my brother, but by late afternoon we got some pack delivered...

...and started shoveling

Chris got excited and wanted to rent the plate compactor and get all 3 layers of pack done that day. I looked at him like he was crazy and said, "uhhhh, no." That would be left for another day. Because I felt like falling over.

Why did I feel like falling over? Would you be interested in seeing the ginormous pile of dirt on our yard?

Anyone interested in some dirt?


Erika said...

What are you people made of? Where do you get the energy? strength? stamina? psychological balance?

I neeeeeed some. Can't even finish painting. Indoors. One room.

meryl rose said...

Thanks Erika :) A HUGE motivation is getting it done before Halloween because we don't want any little kiddos tripping on our driveway. That would not be good...

scotdog98 said...

You are giving me a back ache, y'all work so hard!! But, you did give me an idea for that fabric filter thingy. We need that for our scary Headless Scarecrow we are building :)

meryl rose said...

you GOTTA share a pic on your blog of the scarecrow!