70% = 0 Actual Rain

Last Wednesday we were thwarted by a strange wind storm, and this past Saturday we had intended on finishing up the patio by sweeping out, compacting and spraying all the sand. However, several weather reports had a 70% chance of rain by early afternoon and you are absolutely not supposed to work on spreading out the polymeric sand when it's wet at all. We thought about pushing it, thinking we might be able to get it all done by early afternoon, but the thought of rain coming earlier and staining the patio because of the sand made me want to throw up, so we figured we'd delay it again till the next week because Sunday we wouldn't work on it because we were running a 5K in the South Bay where I got 1st place overall for women with a time of 21:10, woo-hoo!

and CBH (to left in the pic) got 3rd overall for men and he's 59! He got a time of about 20:30 (I think). AND my mom won for her age group and got about 24:30. We all set personal bests. I won a pair of fancy running shoes and my mom and CBH won bottles of wine. It was a pretty fun family event :) That evening Chris and I did a "fancy dinner" too (Vietnamese beef and rice)

Anyways, we moved into the front room once again.

When we were in there last Wednesday we worked on repairing the ceiling, so while Chris got to some electrical work...

I continued fixing the ceiling and walls by retexturing the ceiling where we had done repairs. In larger areas where there are cracks, it's necessary to use mesh sheets instead of just tape when you're mudding to strengthen the new texture and to ensure that there isn't more cracking in the plaster

I also worked on this area (you can't see the mesh in this photo because we were using mesh that's white)

Chris needed help from time to time with the electrical, so I'd come down from the ladder and help him out.

We worked on placing the recessed lights

And then to wire the new lights, outlets, and switches we had to remove the old knob and tube

At this point Chris has rewired nearly the entire house and there was very little knob and tube left (only in this front room and 3 other outlets in the TV room and nook). We decided that now would be the best time and just remove it all. So I hopped up into the attic with Chris to take out what was left

Not an amazingly fun job...

but we'll save the wiring like we did before (along with the copper from eventually replumbing the back bathroom) and then sell it again.

And lastly, Chris worked on trying to rewire the switch which was a total bitch because it was placed in such a wood heavy place (many studs from multiple doorways, a top plate and fire blocking), but he got it done!

Oh, and that rain you ask? There were no showers in the early afternoon, just a light sprinkle at 4:30

Which I guess isn't actually 0 rain, but 0 rain when they predicted and plenty of time to get the sand finished. Sigh, oh well.


threeacres said...

Congrats on your win! And for having no more k&t!! Eek that stuff scares me. Having insulation in walls and attic is mucho important up here so very few people keep it.

Tamara Holland said...

Thanks for the family props! I have been a bad mom and not commenting enough lately . . . which is no reflection of the quality of your posting, but instead of my own lame-itude. But I did tweet about you today :)

meryl rose said...

It's okay, I forgive you :)