Almost Finishing Touches

When we last left the patio the pavers had made it all the way to the sidewalk, yipee!!!

Exciting because it looks almost done. But all those stupid finishing touches take forever and are flat out no fun. I like tangible progress, and well, making cuts to 4 dozen pavers isn't very rewarding.

First, Chris put in the edging on both sides of the driveway and added the concrete

(like my finger in both of those shots? I'm really talented.) Then I put dirt in the ditch between the grass and pavers (but apparently I didn't take any pictures of that because I may have been distracted listening to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me...)

The gap between the pavers and sidewalk is pretty small

We weren't really sure what to do with it. It is way too small for a paver, but too big for concrete to be poured in (it would definitely crack) or put just sand in either (it wouldn't provide a firm enough border with the sidwalk). I came up with the idea of putting in a small layer of concrete to make a tight bond, and then putting sand on top so you wouldn't see any visible cracking. So Chris put in some concrete

While Chris was working on the concrete I worked on making the cuts around our neighbor's chimney and gate

Clearly I was drunk when I made these cuts

When Chris was done with the concrete he worked on building a brick retaining wall between the edge of our pavers and our little rock "garden" by the PG&E meter

I made up for my drunken paver cut with a bomb-tastic curved brick cut

And once Chris was done with the wall (we wish it was built a teeny bit taller, but another brick layer high and it would get in the way of the gate opening and closing) I filled it in with pavers

After I laid down all the pavers I filled in the gap between the dirt and brick with more dirt, pulled down the filter fabric and put the gravel on top.

The last step of the day was 3 more paver cuts (damnit.) Cutting this angled paver

And then two over by the stone wall in the back (and clearly I was drunk again when I first marked the cuts and made them. Seriously, I have absolutely no idea what I was thinking)

Now it's just time for the sand and then we call finally call this project done!


Erika said...

It is so fabulous. I have major admiration for you.

And serious driveway envy.


threeacres said...

Wow that is a lot of brick cutting! You'd think you'd be a pro by now and be able to cut them even while drunk. ; ) The project is looking very nice. Are you going to use regular sand or polymeric sand to fill in the gaps? I had my doubts about how the polymeric sand would hold up around the flagstone along our driveway but so far we haven't had any problems.

Heather said...

Holy smokes, just reading about this makes my back hurt. It looks AWESOME!

meryl rose said...

thanks everyone! :)

Robin: we're DEFINITELY going with polymeric sand. We could spend a little less money, but from what I've heard the poly really does do a great job, and I'd hate to skimp now on the last step just to save a little $ but maybe have to redo it later anyway. That would totally blow. Glad to know yours is looking great!

threeacres said...

I agree polymeric sand is the way to go. Especially with all the work you've done you don't want it washed away. I just wanted to clarify the only reason I was doubting the polymeric sand was because of the big gaps between flagstone. In the tight paver or brick situation I have no doubt it can hold up for a long time. Plus you can still remove it and patch places if need be in the future.