Lighting for $250

The front room needs some good light. The light that's in there now is very pretty (an we're assuming original) but it doesn't really give off enough light and I don't think it's large enough to fit the space properly

I had 2 ideas for lighting in this room: 1) one large center light and recessed light in the other 2 bays and 2) three smaller chandeliers in each bay of the ceiling beams. Chris was never super fond of the 3 chandelier option and I was having trouble figuring out how to make it work (is the one in the middle larger than the other 2, are they all the same, could they all be slightly different?) So I just decided to go ahead and get one for the center and recessed lights for the sides.

Chris also wasn't too keen on getting rid of the light in the room because it was original. I reasoned with him that we could move it to the nook (there's a ceiling fan in their now) so that we'd still be using it, just in a room it was more suited for it because it was smaller.

I ransacked stores and googled and clicked and searched online for a nice chandelier, but was of course hit with some hefty price tags and we didn't want to spend a lot. I've seen many people on their blogs use spray paint to pretty up an old light fixture and so I thought that might be a cool option. Again, Chris was skeptical so I won him over by purchasing a cheap brass plate from HD and using some oil rubbed bronze spray paint to refinish it

The spray paint (Rustoleum's Oil Rubbed Bronze) did a super great job and so Chris was won over, yay!

Then I started hunting around local thrift stores and salvage yards for a good fixture that would fit the room and gave off enough light. I found one at Ohmega Salvage in Berkeley and I loved the glass detail

The best part? It had a $50 price tag. So I hauled Chris out a few days later to take a look at it and see if it was wired properly, and if it wasn't, if he could make it work. He liked the look of it and thought everything looked fine so we took it up to the cash register.

But along the way we thought we should look around for some sconces to go on either side of the fireplace - a suggestion of our real estate agent who comes to the house every few months to check out our progress. And actually, after she suggested it we scoped out the walls and saw that someone had done a patch on either side of the fireplace, so two sconces were most likely there originally. Cool!

We perused and perused and actually found some really cool period sconces, but the wiring we'd need to do to get them in place wouldn't be up to code now, so we had to put them to the side :( But we settled on a nice pair that were marked down from $35 apiece to $20 and asked the lady at the register if she'd give us the chandelier and sconces for $80 (instead of $90) and she said "sure!" Pretty sweet!

On our way home we stopped at HD to check out the recessed lighting. We thought we'd go with cans that were in the 5-6" range and found some cool LED ones that we sleek and simple (the center white ones)

But at $36 for just what we assumed was just the trim package, we thought those were a little expensive (we'd also have to buy the cans). But we took the box down from the shelf to look at our sweet lights that wouldn't be and realized that the $36 price actually included a small can for installation too! So although these LED recessed lights still came in a little more expensive, we thought we'd snag 4 and still be getting a great deal because we got our chandelier and scones for so cheap. Score!

And how excited am I for the $50 chandelier...

...$15 sconces...

...and $160 spent on super cool LED recessed lights...

...well, considering that we only spend $250, VERY excited! $250 for a chandelier, 2 sconces and 4 recessed lights. Pretty pretty pretty good :)


Bunny @ 86n It said...

That is quite the steal. Can't wait to see them all fixed up and in place!

meryl rose said...

I'm in the process of spray painting them now and they're looking pretty snazzy! At least I think so :)

scotdog98 said...

Can't wait, hurry up, lol!

threeacres said...

We looked at getting those exact same LED retrofit lights. They are made by a really good company (Cree). We decided against getting them though because they are the economic line that has a really limited dimming range which is what we wanted for the multi-use basement. They should work fine in your situation though!

meryl rose said...

That's awesome to hear Robin, thanks! :)