A New Policy

Yesterday Chris and I got really pissed off while working on repairing the ceiling in the front room. Cussing ensued. We were not happy campers. So we took a break and talked about how things were going, the stress of working on the house and how we've sort of turned into each other's employees.

Jobs, our house, other side projects...it seems to never end. And we don't even have kids. So we came up with the idea of instituting a one day off a month policy. One day a month to hang out with each other, go do something fun, and not work. That might seem totally stupid to some people, but I'm actually really excited about it, and think it's kind of a big deal for us.

I always say the best thing about Chris is that he's my buddy and I just love hanging out with him. But when basically all of your free time is taken up by trying to rebuild a corner of your house that has pretty much fallen off from dry rot...

...sometimes you loose the romance. We don't have candlelit dinners, we have working on repairing the bathroom floor by work light.

We also happen to live in an area where there's a lot of fun stuff to do. Contrary to what some people may think about the city of Oakland, Oakland is pretty damn fantastic. There is a thriving art scene

(found here)

...awesome neighborhoods with great shops and super tasty restaurants

(found here)

...a lovely lake

(found here)

...a plethora of museums (well, not a plethora, but multiple)

(found here)

...the zoo

(found here)

...there's a lot going on here!

There is even a super big blog scene! People blogging about everything from sports, to homes, to social justice, urban farming...you name it, EVERYTHING! Two of my favorites (or actually three) are home blogger himself Gene who blogs about TONS of Oakland issues over at Our Oakland (seriously, an amazing site). And you can also check out his home renovation site here . And then there's also City Homestead who blogs about their home, new restaurants in Oakland and all sorts of Oakland happenings (seriously, I have no idea about how they know about every restaurant opening and I am in constant amazement, but it's how I always find out about them).

So three cheers to getting our romance back with each other and finding all sorts of fun, interesting stuff to do in our lovely city and beyond :)


Gene said...

Thanks for the double shout-out. But thanks especially for the Oakland love. I was happy when I went to sleep -- the protests had been large and mostly peaceful. I was unhappy when I woke up -- a relative few had obscured the rest with their pointless behavior.

It's a First Friday coming up, so a good chance to check out Art Murmur. Hopefully the rain will have cleared out by tomorrow evening.

meryl rose said...

Heck yes double shout out, your blogs are awesome!

And it has been a wonderful thing for Oakland that everything yesterday went about peacefully and even got world news (late last night I heard a story on BBC The World on NPR).

And can you pathetically believe it: I was an art major at Mills and I have NEVER participated in Art Murmur. Shameful. I know.