Refinishing So Far

Many of you amazing readers voiced your excitement and opinions about the lights we chose and the fabric and chairs we have planned for our chair refinishing. I'm not anywhere near done refinishing the lights or chairs, but I thought I'd give you folks an in progress update about how the projects are going because your excitement got me excited.

First, the lights.

After we brought them home I cleaned cleaned cleaned them and then I started taking them apart for the spray painting

Once things were all taken apart...

..it got taken out to the garage for spray painting

Everything got 3-4 coats of Rustoleum's oil rubbed bronze, and they're still sitting in the garage like 3 weeks later

I should probably get my act together and put the lights back together and take them back in the house...

Now for the chairs.

Each one got a trip outside to get cleaned, the seat removed and sanded

This chair came with no seat

This chair's arm rest has broken off (nothing a nail gun can't solve)

And this last one took a looooooong time to take apart

The seat took awhile to get separated from the chair because I had to take off EVERY SINGLE ONE of those fabric tacs. It was not a fun job. When I got them all off it revealed a wicker seat that was broken, so I'll have to figure out how to make the seat part of this chair work

We're still brainstorming about how to cut the seat portion out --> how it will be shaped, attached and to what extent it'll come to the edge.

With all the seats detached (except for the two we need to cut)...

...I took off the old seating fabric because it smelled musty. That involved many staples being ripped out (this is just from the first seat)

But after the fabric was off, it was time to recover them

And here they sit in all their pretty flowered glory waiting to find their place back on repainted chairs

Now we just have to get the sprayer back out to get them painted. Hmmm, maybe a Thanksgiving weekend project. What do you say Mr. Christopher? :)


aptpupil said...

using the sprayer is always fun, but we're slaves to the weather now so i guess we'll see.

meryl rose said...

fingers crossed for good weather! :)

Jenne said...

In case you guys ever wanna replace wicker/caning on anything, Rockler sells the supplies to do it :)


meryl rose said...

Thanks for the resource!