Screw Aman, Inner City is Where it's At!

Once we decided to go ahead and break up the driveway last month, we had to decide what to do with the concrete. And after dumping it at our go to concrete recycling center last time (Aman) and being surprised with the $100 dumping charge (!!!up $90 in a year!!!) we knew we had to find a new location.

Chris did some research online and found this site

A California government website that directed you to companies in the Bay Area that let you dump concrete.

I hopped on the phone and called the companies to get information on pricing (dump fees plus questions about if they charged environmental or fuel fees as well which are sometimes pretty expensive on top of the dump charge). At first I wasn't having much luck. In fact, one place was $120! (PLUS environmental and fuel charges).

But finally we landed on McGuire & Hester who actually informed us that another company on their property ran the concrete recycling: Inner City Recycling. The gentleman I spoke to on the phone informed me that it was $25 for a truck load and there was no environmental or fuel charge! AND it was super close, only 15 minutes away! (actually 1 block away from Aman, where we used to dump the concrete).

So we hauled our concrete there 4 times (over 2 days because they close at 3:30, but they did let us take our 3rd load there at about 3:40, another reason to like them so much)

Another piece of good news? They sold engineering fill that we use for pack for cheaper than our landscape place! The bad news, they don't deliver :( But, they did recommended someone to us who could, and the price still beat the landscape place! I only wish we could have found them sooner because if you combine the extra cost our first round of concrete recycling and deliveries of pack we probably could have saved a few hundred dollars. Sigh...at least we know about them now.


Anonymous said...

wow - good to know for when I start my concrete driveway disposal adventure!

meryl rose said...

glad to help! :)