The Second to Last Step

If you read my guest post yesterday over at 86'n It you may have noticed that FINALLY last Wednesday we were free of wind and rain and could get to the second to last step: the polymeric sand, yay!!! The evening before I went out with the leaf blower and cleaned the driveway and patio free of leaves, twigs, gravel and any other junk that was sitting on it

And then that morning I did one last quick run over with the leaf blower again (we're crazy) while Chris started setting out the sand

Then it was just a matter of sweeping it out into all the cracks

Getting the sand in all those tiny nooks and crannies is quite the undertaking

But nook and cranny we did

After all the sand was spread out it was time to rent the plate compactor. Again. But alas, this would be our last date with the plate compactor, so we were very excited, hooray!!!

The terrible thing however? It was a dirty, messy, dusty, dusty, dusty job. Did I mention it was dusty? You see, you need to use the plate compactor to really tamp down the pavers one last time so they don't shift on the base sand and so all the polymeric sand really wiggles into all those cracks. But, when we used the plate compactor with the pack, the strategy was to wet it down as we worked so that it wasn't super dusty and helped compact it better. But, if you wet the polymeric sand when it's on the pavers it actually stains them and sticks to the pavers because it's got a bit of cement in it. So we had to compact it sans water and we created a dust bowl

Masks, glasses and ear protection were a must.

But once we were done with the plate compactor (for the last time, yay!!!!) we got the brooms out again and spread out the sand into the cracks that were now missing a bit of sand from all the plate compactor wiggling

We swept up all the extra sand...

bagged it up...

...and got out the leaf blower again to blow off all the remnant bits of sand (both off the patio and the car)

After we took a break for lunch we got to the last step with the sand: watering it down. We got out the hoses...

And lightly misted the patio 4 times (per the instructions on the bag)

And those pavers were looking pretty snazzy. But how are we not done yet? Well, as the title of the post says this is the second to last step, so we've still got to put the sealer on them. We thought we were going to be able to do that today, but at the last minute work schedules got all shifted around, so it'll have to wait till next weekend because this weekend we've already got plans. Sigh...one day the patio will be done.


Bunny @ 86n It said...

so close!

meryl rose said...

alllllllllmost there! :)

threeacres said...

LOL and I thought our dust storm was bad! We didn't even have a plate compactor just our little hand one (ie. a flat weight on a stick). Yours looks 100 times worse! Just think though after the one last step you'll have little to no maintenance on the driveway ever again.

meryl rose said...

and THAT will be a positively glorious day :)

Shasha Kidd said...

Truly beautiful project!!
Are you willing to share how much project cost for all that square footage?

meryl rose said...

Thanks so much! Yup, I'll be sharing all the money spent (on what parts and how much) in grand detail when it's finally done! (I'm hoping early next week will be the post, this weather is really holding things up, grrrr)