Seriously, THAT Took Forever to Get Done?

We've had this pile of scrap metal in our nook for, ohhhhhh, over a year now

I've had every intention of taking it to the metal recycling center, but for whatever reason, I never got around to it. Finally, last week I decided it was high time to clear out the metal - mostly because I want the baseball cards that are sitting in the front room to get a new home in the nook. Really we're all about just shuffling things around in this house. Clearly.

Why do we save all of our metal you ask? Well, that copper is worth something. We save our bits of pipe and romex when we do plumbing and electrical work. Sure, each piece by itself isn't very big or worth anything, but when you collect it over the course of nearly 2 years, it adds up.

I emailed Chris where the place was located (he'd been there before) and he gave me directions for how the place worked. Strange bird: I get anxiety out at new stores, restaurants, or other business about not knowing how they run or function because I don't want to be inefficient and hold people up. Yes, I know, I already said I'm a strange bird.

I plopped all the metal in my car and headed out to Schnitzer Steel near Jack London Square in Oakland

I grabbed a cart (per instructions) and set down our already sorted metal

We had brass, clean copper and then dirty copper (worth less, but who really wants to cut off all that plastic and everything?)

I wheeled the cart over to the weigh master, she weighed each group individually and about 10 minutes later I was signing a receipt for $133! (the check will be mailed to us because it was over $25). And the whole expedition? Maybe 45 minutes including drive time, and we're over $100 bucks richer :)


Gene said...

Woohoo! I've been saving bits of wire and pipe from my addition and remodel for the same thing. Good to know the procedure, and that they've got a dirty copper category, because I've got a lot of that.

threeacres said...

Sweet! We have a similar pile of wire and copper pipe started from this remodel. With the price of metal right now I figured it would be a nice chunk of change but $133 dollars! That's amazing.

meryl rose said...

Glad to give you the info Gene!

Robin - Chris told me he thought it should be over $100, but I was skeptical, so when it came in well over it was pretty exciting :)