Well Now that Dirt is More Level

The next morning we hopped to it and returned to work on the baby retaining wall. We finished laying the stones in the trench, but realized that the retaining wall wasn't high enough

However, if we made the retaining wall one course of stones higher than 4, the raised bed would be higher in the back than the existing grass and dirt, which would push water runoff back towards the house. Ideally, the back of the dirt of the raised bed is on the same level as the grass that's already there so that when water comes off the house it continues to seep forward and doesn't sit at the house's foundation. But, that last row of stones sits under the existing grass level. Conundrum. Conundrum.

We reasoned that we'd build the retaining wall one more course high (to 5 stones), but not run the dirt up any higher than that 4th course of stones so that the dirt in the raised bed was still at the proper height

We got nearly all the way around with that 5th course without needing to get more stones, but alas we were SIX STONES SHORT. I trekked over to HD where one of their male employees called me "senor" and tried to tell me I needed pavers, to which I should have responded, "Oh no ma'am, I know what pavers are." (just because I have short hair and am wearing a hat doesn't mean I'm a boy just like the fact that you're long hair in a ponytail doesn't make you a girl, sir).

So I returned, perturbed, with our last 6 stones and we finished the last row of the retaining wall. On the last 2 rows we used landscape block adhesive on the stones to help hold them in place and make the wall much stronger

And once we were done laying the stones, it was time to spread out and shovel out the extra dirt

We thought we might have 12-15 wheelbarrows of extra dirt. But it was actually about 30. Why is everything always twice as much?

Either way, I think that raised bed is looking great!

Oh, and those 30 wheelbarrows of dirt? They're just on the other side of our lawn now :)

But the cool thing is that an across the street neighbor said they'd need a bunch of dirt to replace some weed-infested flower beds in our street's center island, so he'd be happy to take a bunch off our hands. Yipee!!!

Until then, our beautiful raised bed...

...has a friend


Heather said...

Oooh, what are you going to plant in it?

meryl rose said...

We're not quite sure yet exactly, hahaha! Our plan is to keep it protected from weeds while we brainstorm all of our front yard landscaping ideas and then hopefully get to it in the Spring.

Shasha Kidd said...

Nice job on your new planter. Looking forward to photos after it's planted out.

Also, I cruised through some of your old posts and I find it truly amazing how much work you've managed to do over the last couple of years. So impressive.

meryl rose said...

Thanks so much Shasha, that's so nice of you! :)