When You're Thwarted by a Wind Storm

Last month we had a tropical storm, and this month we had a crazy wind storm. Add on top all the small earthquakes we've been having lately and maybe Harold Camping was right! (hahahahhahahaha).

Last Wednesday we woke up with every intention of completing THE FINAL STEP of our patio redo! But lo and behold that damn mother nature had something else in store for us

There were leaves (and a few small branches) everywhere. All down the driveway

In little nooks and corners

But the worst part? They found their way into the cracks of our pavers (granted, this is an especially large crack, but they also wiggled their way in all the tiny ones too)

We really wanted to get the sand done so we could call this project finished, but those leaves were really cramping our style. If they had shoved themselves in all the paver cracks then we weren't going to be able to sweep out the sand into the joints, compact it, and hose it down properly.

We thought getting the leaf blower out and blowing the leaves away might work

But 10 seconds later the wind blew all the leaves back


We knew we could get the sand done, but that we'd probably spend more than half the time picking up leaves, then going back and picking up more, then finding more and picking those up too. And in an effort to save one of us from throwing a hammer through a window at frustrating fun like that, we decided it would probably be best to delay the final step.

So we moved inside to repair the front room walls.

We already had an idea of the work that needed to be done after I peeled away the canvas in troublesome areas, so we jumped right in. First up: reattaching the plaster in badly cracked areas. Chris drilled a bunch of small holes in the plaster where it was separating from the lathe

Once that was done we squirted in some PL Premium to help reattach the plaster and lathe and make a secure bond

Then we used these disks you screw into the wall (I cannot for the life of me remember what they're called) and ceiling to help hold things in place while a bond was being made with the PL Premium

We moved around the room and repeated the same process in another 2 areas

While Chris was working on reattaching the plaster and lathe I made my way around behind him with a little tiny paint brush and wallpaper glue and worked on attaching the frayed corners of the canvas back to the plaster walls so that when we retexture, the canvas is attached properly and not loose. We found great resources for how to repair and save our plaster walls properly from the National Park Service here .

We also removed some old wiring the previous owners had done (my guess is so they could have a TV over the lovely fireplace)

And I got up on the ladder with some goof off...

And worked on removing a half dozen or so big splatters of wall paint that found there way on the beams on our ceiling (seriously, I have no idea how that happened)

(sorry for the shaky pic, my camera was not pleased with how close I was to the ceiling beams).

By late afternoon the wind had died down and we cleaned up the front yard a bit

But it was too late in the day to make any real progress on the sand so we sighed and gave ourselves a little pat on the back for at least getting some work done in the front room. Even though that patio still isn't done...


Anonymous said...

You guys are very inspiring.
I also hate TVs over the fireplace.

Thanks for the updates-
Priscilla, reading from the Catskills in NY

meryl rose said...

Thanks Priscilla! Yeah, that whole TV over the fireplace thing, I don't know why that ever caught on. Of course, we have a weight machine in our "formal" living room so I guess we're slightly off our rocker too ;)