2011: A Year in Pictures

Last year I totally copied this idea from Robin over at 3 acres & 3000 Square Feet and I had so much fun with the idea that I'm copying her again :)

A year end summary in pictures by month always makes me feel better about what we accomplished this year, so let's have at it.

January - ripping down and reframing the horrible "addition" on the back of the house

February - we got the animal room looking more habitable by hanging drywall and finally getting ready for paint

March - the animal room really started taking shape as we worked to complete all the details

April - we built a fence at my dad and Wendy's that confounded our measuring capabilities. But it ended up looking pretty awesome

May - we worked on little baby projects while we secretly worked on a bigger one :)

June - we revealed we'd been working on getting the house painted and allllllll the projects that had to be completed before we could finally bring in the professionals

July - the house was finally painted!

And we also decided, what the hell, let's throw the 2011 house goal list out the window and work on our patio and pergola!!

August - we finished building the pergola in the backyard!

And I finally revealed the Animal Room Before & After

September - we were finally done with digging and got started loading in the pack for the pavers

And just like we threw the list out the window, we did the same thing again and decided to work on the front room

October - we decided that ripping up our whole concrete patio and tire tracks down the side of our house wasn't enough and that we should rip up the driveway too

November - we finally finally finally finished the patio and had our Before & After reveal

December - we spent most of the time working on many projects here and there in the front room, but spent most of our time trying to figure out how the hell to overcome the strange mismatch texture that resulted from repairing our canvas walls and decided to just retexture the whole thing

Now, let's hope we get LOTS done in 2012 so we can show even more projects completed! :) And tomorrow I'll reveal some wonderful front room gray! We're almost done painting, 2nd coat here we come!


Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

I just got tired reading your list!

threeacres said...

...And I'm returning the favor by stealing your more simple take of typing out the words this year instead of Photoshopping them onto the pictures. It's just too much work for very little reward. Good job on all your big accomplishments this year!

Erika said...

All this in one year? Impressive.

I love looking at your home projects - so inspiring! Happy New Year!

meryl rose said...

Muchas gracias ladies :) I'm telling you, doing that year end list feels pretty good because when you're in the thick of it it certainly feels like not too much is getting accomplished. Thanks for the idea to copy Robin :)