4 Kinds of White

We've been busy bees painting in the front room and it finally looks like progress had been made, yay! Christmas Eve we spent nearly the entire day painting 4 different kinds of white on the walls and ceiling. Can you handle that excitement?

First up: the bookcases

Let me tell you, painting two coats of Behr Ultra Pure White Semi Gloss in those 2 built in bookcases was not fun (usually we don't use Behr, but we already had it from past projects so we decided to finish it up)

White number 2? Chris finished priming the other two ceiling bays with our Glidden primer

And once he was done with that he started painting the ceiling color, Glidden's "Ceiling Paint" which is a bit more flat so we like that it doesn't have much sheen

And oh yeah, it goes on pink

But the most exciting white we painted? The fireplace detail, eeeeee!!!!

OMG the beautiful difference that high gloss makes :)

I painted a bit of the detail on the lower part as well

Look at the difference between the gross dirty white before and the new high gloss white


(we're hoping to demo that remaining non-high gloss white area and tile it because it's buckling)

And more exciting news? Gray has finally made an appearance! But I'll save that for later this week, we've got to get back to painting! :)


Jenne said...

This looks awesome! You guys are so motivated :)
I had a quick question...if you were to guess the architectural style of this room, what would you call it? Mediterranean? Mission Revival? It looks great!

threeacres said...

Looking good! I can definetly see the different shades of white you're using so it's not a waste of your time to use different whites in different areas. The fireplace is looking really nice!

Deb said...

Oh my goodness!!! That looks great! I love painting - talk about instant gratification (once the color goes on anyway :)

meryl rose said...

Thanks everyone!

Jenne - interesting you ask that question because I've often wondered the same thing! Hehe. Our house is called a Storybook Home and a lot of the architecture seems to get inspiration from Tudors, Craftsmen, Cottages and a little French in there too (from the books I've read and other houses on the street I've seen the inside of). And that arch around the fireplace certainly says Mission to me. So I guess the long answer would be Mission/Tudor/French?