The Front Room. Is Finally. Painted.

Thank god. Because it took forever.

The first gray to go up on the walls was very exciting, and it came on Christmas Eve: the fireplace detail!

It's the same darker gray that's on the relief detail as well. And I love love love the color

OMG I love it. But let me tell you, that wall was fun, easy and fast. The rest of the room? None of the above. IT TOOK FOREVER. The first strokes of the lighter gray were painted on with much enthusiasm

And those first rolls?

Also very exciting. But by the time I got around the room to the TWO bookcases and the really really straight line I had to freehand paint I wanted to pluck my eyebrows out one hair at a time

And I'm sure Chris was having no fun painting the last two ceiling bays with the pink, I mean white, ceiling color

And again, all eyebrow hairs almost vanished from my face while doing the window cut-ins

But two pieces of exciting accomplishments that we tackled while painting were installing the sconces around the fireplace

And a new light (Chris' awesome idea) in the little relief alcove

But after alllllll the hard work - and you'll learn just how much in another post --> you know I like to ridiculously keep track of how long certain projects take (hello 50+ hours of tiling) - the room looks fucking fantastic

I personally cannot get over how great the fireplace looks (and I can't wait to add the tile!)

I LOVE the lights and I'm very happy I decided to paint the stems instead of leaving them white

The center light still needs to be installed (the escutcheon is a bit difficult)

But other than that, this room is looking pretty damn fantastic! Let's take another look at that fireplace

Ahhhhhh. Now we can basque in all of it's painted glory. (And for a paint resource if anyone's interested: the darker gray detail is Martha Stewart's Cement Gray color matched in Glidden Eggshell and the wall color is Behr's Ashes also color matched in Glidden Eggshell.)


LifeBegins@Thirty said...

Wow!! Looks great!

meryl rose said...

Each time I've walked in there today it's put a big fat smile on my face :)

Deb said...

Meryl! Wow!!!! Just WOW!!