Happy Whatever You Celebrate!!!

It's December 25th: Christmas, smack dab in the middle of Hanukkah, the day before Kwanzaa starts or two days after my beloved Festivus (for the rest of us, hehe). We hope that whatever you celebrate today, last week or next week, that you have a very happy and joyous time and that everyone has some great time off :)

Two years ago I instituted a Christmas tradition for Chris and I: as a divorced kid Christmas was spent going around to many many many houses (which was wonderful seeing everyone, but also very tiring) and now that we have this house renovation thing going we're always working, so now we spend Christmas DOING NOTHING. We don't go to anyone's house (sorry parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles...) and we don't do any work (Chris tried to convince me last night that I should just allow him to install one of our can lights --> NOPE!). We sit on the couch, bake yummy goodies, order Chinese food for dinner and watch movies and football allllllll day long :) The only house related thing we do is plan. We plan out our projects for next year, and this year I'll also be working on a few drawings of another cabinet for my parent's we'll be building as well as the table we're building in the front room. We also work on our year end Top 10 movie lists. But no WORK. Planning is fun :)

We did paint in the front room yesterday, so I can't wait to share our progress next week. Until then, that couch is calling :) and I'm sure you've got lots of presents to open :) HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


Shasha Kidd said...

Good for you! Enjoy your day planning and watching football!!

meryl rose said...

Thanks Shasha. It was a wonderful day indeed :) Now, back to work!

Erika said...

Merry Christmas! Husband and I had a couples only holiday this year and it was Heaven!

Thanks again for your fabulous blog. I wish you joy, peace and prosperity in the year to come!

meryl rose said...

Jeez Erika, just too nice :) :) :)