Mud Shoulder

We've all heard of Tennis Elbow, but I've apparently developed a strange home renovation related ailment now known as Mud Shoulder.

As we've worked on patching all the holes we've created in the walls and ceiling in the front room from fishing out drill bits, repairing canvas and any other fun adventure, we realized that it was going to be just a little difficult to texture everything to match the original walls. Especially because the original walls have a very sparse, appears-to-be-rolled-on texture that we were a little unsure how to duplicate

And if we could possibly find a way to sort of match the original texture, we were still afraid that it wouldn't look close enough and you'd really be able to tell where all of our patches were.

We tossed around a few ideas but finally settled on the one that would create the most work, but would result in the most uniform texture: doing a skim coat on all the walls and ceiling and then applying the same texture that's on all the other walls in the house. Yeah, not fun.

We were really already part of the way there with all the patching all over the place

(like our temporary can lights?) I mean, really, at this point, what's the extra trouble?

Chris got on the ladder and applied tape to places where cracking was occurring, and I followed behind him on another ladder and applied the mud

Once all the cracks had a coat (one that set up in 45 minutes), we came back around and started applying a skim coat E-VER-Y-WHERE. It kinda sucked

OMG the mud horror.

Sunday we woke up ready to mud mud mud mud mud that ceiling and the upper walls

And I got about 45 minutes into it (Chris was working on some electrical), but my shoulder started really hurting

Apparently spreading quick set mud directly above your head on walls and a cathedral ceiling for 2 days isn't so great for your shoulder. So I was relegated to sitting on the couch with a ice pack wrapped around my shoulder like a relief pitcher watching TV. I can't complain too much as sitting and watching football isn't too terrible of a punishment :) But those ceilings and walls need some evening out...


Anonymous said...

You two are incredible. I marvel at your energy.

meryl rose said...

Thanks! Honestly a huge motivator is just the dust and clutter everywhere and being able to have fun projects to blog about :)

threeacres said...

Oh no I hope you're feeling better soon! With all of the dirt you've been shoveling and pavers you've been carrying I'd think your shoulders were made of steel. ; ) Good choice on the skim coating though. It's a ton of work now but will be so much easier to hide patches in the future.

meryl rose said...

I know! I guess I haven't been shoveling enough lately to keep that strength up :)