Painting was a Full Time Job

Painting the front room sucked. Chris wasn't looking forward to it. I wasn't looking forward to it. There was so much detail. We had FOUR different colors. And the room is pretty damn big. I've been known to second guess paint decisions, and there was no way that could happen with this room once the paint went on because Chris and I would rather sell the house right now than repaint that room (well, maybe not that drastic, but pretty close).

It all started out as fun and games when I spent about 7 hours painting the relief

And corbels

But pretty quickly after that it all went downhill. Chris spent 3 hours himself priming the ceiling (yes, each bay took an hour)

And it took the two of us 2 1/2 hours together to prime all the walls

It took me an hour and a half to paint the glossy white fireplace detail

And about 30 minutes of Chris' help and an hour by myself to get that beautiful gray around the fireplace

Chris spent 3 1/2 hours by himself painting the ceiling and doing some wall rolling

And we spent many other hours painting around the bookcases

Doing all the wall cut-ins, rolling on the wall color or cleaning up spilled paint

Whoopsie :)

But just how long did it take? Well, lucky for you I'm a crazy person and I wrote down all the time we spent painting to see just how long it would take.

Chris and I collectively spend 16 single hours painting. That's 16 hours by ourselves while the other person was at work or doing something else on the house. And we spent 10 hours together at the same time painting (and collectively whining. Well, maybe the whining was just me). In total, that's 36 single man hours spent painting that damn (but now beautiful) front room. Nearly a full week's worth of work spent just painting one room. Bleh. But, the room does look fantastic

I just won't be doing any painting for a long time.


Heather said...

It looks amazing. I can't believe you redid that whole room AND paved your driveway. Could you take a break now and stop making the rest of us look so lazy?

Bunny @ 86n It said...

I'm with Heather! I feel like such a slacker!
Looks amazing though!

meryl rose said...

It's a lot easier when we don't have a toddler toodling around the place :) But way not as cute :)

Kelly C. said...

Can I borrow you two for a couple of weeks? You get more done in a few days than I do in a whole year! I love those colors, the room looks fantastic. Can't wait to see what else you tackle.

meryl rose said...

Thanks Kelly :) Hopefully floor refinishing will come soon!