Soon to be Gray, but Right Now Blue Walls

Yesterday after work we got A LOT done in the front room, and it's very exciting :) We taped and started painting the bookcases

They got a coat of primer (even though there was really nothing to prime over) and then they'll get painted Ultra Pure white.

While Chris was finishing up the bookcases I got started on allllllll the cut-ins. I started using the white primer but I could BARELY tell where I had painted because the fast set joint compound dries basically white (normal joint compound dries a bit yellow so it's a lot easier). We dropped a bit of the wall color into the primer to tint it just a tad, and that made it easier to tell where I had already painted

There were lot and lots and lots and lots of cut ins: the baseboards, around the fireplace, around the fireplace detail, around the windows, around the corbels, at the ceiling line, beneath the outlets...OMG.

We decided that because the walls will be a darkish shade of gray it would probably be best to actually use a dark base primer so that the gray would cover better. Chris went out to the garage to get our blue deep base primer to roll on the walls (and do the high cut ins I couldn't reach) and I stuck with my white/light gray primer

And we just mosey'ed around the room

Originally I thought we'd sand and refinish the floors before we painted because I didn't want to have to clean the walls twice, but Chris assured me that the sander we'll use doesn't create a lot of dust (it sucks it up), so we figured we should just paint now. And it really was as much work as we thought it was going to be: it sucks

We got it about 90% (of just the walls) primed last night (the only thing that's left is the tall wall above the relief) but it took the two of us 2 1/2 hours together and Chris another hour by himself (I was finishing up some work and then was making dinner). Yuckola. Once all the primer is done we're going to paint the area around the fireplace (the high gloss white should be painted before the wall color so that if we make any mistakes we can prime over it before wall color goes on to avoid flashing), then paint the ceiling, and THEN paint the wall color. It sounds like such a daunting task at this stage, but any color on the walls is exciting!


threeacres said...

Looks like a ton of edging. I'm sure it will be well worth it when's all done!

On a completely different note do you by chance know what wet saw blade you bought that worked for glass tile? We're in the market to get one for a 10" saw and I'd like for it to be able to handle glass tile for our next bathroom and other projects.

meryl rose said...

The blade we used was for glass only :( But Raimondi might make blades for multiple materials. Hope that helps!

Sarah said...

Girl, you guys exhaust me. I want to hire you both to come work at our house. I continue to be impressed on the work you get accomplished!

We just refinished our kitchen floors (there will be a post about it, sometime within the next 12 months...hahahaha)and the dust was minimal at best.

Can't wait to see the pain! We're going gray in the kitchen so I love inspiration.

meryl rose said...

Awww, thanks Sarah :) I can't WAIT to see your floors!

We worked on painted in the front room all day yesterday. It was quite exhausting between more primer, painting the ceiling, painting all those little bookcase alcoves...bleh. BUT the darker gray fireplace wall is painted and I can't wait to post about it!!! I love love love the color.