Tag! I'm It

Robin from 3 Acres and 3000 Square Feet tagged me to be a Versatile Blogger!

So here are 7 random facts about me

1. What's the sitch with my job sitch? I always read blogs and wonder what people do for their "real life job." Well, my real life job is a lot of jobs. I like to affectionately call myself the part-time job aficionado, and here they are: 1) I work contractually for a professional organizer. Sound weird? I used to think so too, but let me tell you, nothing gets me more excited than a label maker, things in alphabetical order, hanging file folders, closets in color and shirt sleeve length order...so it seemed only natural. 2) Shop manager for my mom's awesomely amazing greeting card company Bean Up the Nose Art where I do graphic work for her, keep track of her inventory, filing, sales, etc. and have fun being creative with her and supporting her super awesome business. 3) Designer/Project Manager for my brother's real estate company. We've fixed up and now manage an apartment complex in San Francisco and I've been in charge of that and I'm also going to start managing the bookkeeping of a few portfolio properties. Lastly, 4) independent contractor for the Oakland A's (and sometimes Raiders). I LOVE this job because the A's are my absolute favorite sports team. I work for a department called Diamond Vision that runs the big jumbo tron in the stadium and my jobs are to run the head shots, advertising stills, in game videos (I can tell you who wins the dot race!) and the slo-mo replays. It's pretty awesome. Though sometimes my co-worker Art gets a little bored... (that's us on 80s day, I'm running slo-mo)

2. I LOVE watching me some movies. Chris and I are movie dorks and we love going to the movies and watching them at home. My goal is to watch 100 movies in the theater a year and Chris' is to see 300 movies total. Here are my top ten, in alphabetical order of course:
Boyz N tha Hood: amazingly wonderful
City of God: I remember watching this in my apartment my sophomore year of college by myself and being mesmerized
the Departed: Yes, that's right I picked this Scorsese movie as the best, but it's fucking awesome. I always want to kick someone's ass when I hear "Shipping up to Boston"
Ferris Bueller's Day Off: something about the parade scene always brings tears to my eyes, it's perfect
Field of Dreams: my sentimental favorite movie
Godfather 1 and 2: they count as one movie obviously. Michael is the greatest downfall of any character in movie history. I mean really, who is better?
Hoop Dreams: I challenge you to watch this movie and not sob. I've only watched it one time because it's too emotionally draining, but so wonderful at the same time.
It's a Wonderful Life: If you don't like this movie, I don't know if we can speak anymore
the Little Mermaid: I cried and cried when I was little at the end of this and my grandma asked my why. I replied, "She doesn't get to be with her dad anymore." It still makes me cry.
Psycho: the best Hitchcock, though Notorious is a close second. And Rear Window.

3. About 6 years ago I had knee surgery. I played soccer for 12-13 years when I was younger and my senior season in high school I started having lots of knee problems. As the responsible athlete I was I didn't go to the doctor because I was afraid something was wrong and I didn't want to not be able to play my last season. So finally 2 years after that I was still having problems and I finally went to the doctor and I had to have my plica (a band in your knee) removed and I also had some minor cartilage damage. It really made me feel inadequate and terrible athletically about myself and I didn't actually regain full strength back until about 2 years ago. Now I run allllll the time and I love it. And the best part, no serious knee problems anymore! (though sometimes I still have to ice)

4. I'm afraid of the dark. And windows at night. And I don't like mirrors. Yup, that's right, I'm afraid of the dark at 26. So what? :) I've never fully recovered from my (very responsible) after school program showing us It when I was 7 years old I guess. And for some reason windows at night make me feel like someone is looking in at me and I get all freaked out. And mirrors? I don't know about that one. But the only ones we have are in the bathroom and one on the back of the office door (which is always open so you can't see it if you close it), so I don't have to deal with walking by and being freaked out that someone is in the reflection that shouldn't be. I know. This is totally strange.

5. I'm a little obsessive compulsive. On the list of my weird tendencies: I will never set the alarm to rounded off time (if I want to wake up at 7, I set it for 6:58), at the end of the shower when I like to stand in the warm water I'll count to a prime number, the toilet paper has to run out and not in, I do the laundry because as mentioned before the shirts have to be hung "properly," when the silverware goes in the dishwasher every silverware spot needs to have 1 in it before additional ones start going in...seriously I could go on forever, but I'm sure this is very boring

6. I never liked Christmas until recently. I hated the forced cheer and merriment. I love my family and I always got bothered that this was the time of year you were supposed to want to hang out with them because I like hanging out with them all the time. Also, when I was little, as a divorced kid Christmas was a field trip - mom's house, dad's house, grandma's house, grandpa's house, other grandma's house...by the end of the day it was exhausting. But now, my family has sort of embraced our dislike, and now like, of the holidays by doing nontraditional things at whatever time in December is convenient for us (this year, our Christmas is this Saturday) like playing at the amusement park or gambling at the race track

But the best Christmas tradition? Chris and I don't do any housework (though we may plan) and we don't go to anyone's house, we just stay home and watch movies all day long and order Chinese food for dinner. It's marvelous. And now I love Christmas.

7. I have the best family ever. Seriously. I am an amazingly lucky divorced kid with 2 sets of parents who enjoy each other's company and hang out with each other. My moms and I planned my brother's wife's bridal shower together and my dads used to walk around the track together at my soccer games and yell really loud. My brothers may have peed in my hairspray or scared the shit out of me when I was taking out the trash when we were little and then locked me out of the house, but we get along a lot better now :) And my newer family? Christopher. He is really the best guy ever and I'm super lucky to have someone who's just my buddy. I think that's why we work well together - I just love hanging out with him. Not to mention he's super handsome :) And supportive, endlessly curious, very smart, funny...he's great. And I am lucky to have him and my wonderful family in my life who I love to hang out with

(image from True Photography)

So there you have it, my 7 facts. Thanks for tagging me Robin! And now, I'm going to tag 15 others! (and some are the same as Robin's because we're both cool like that):

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threeacres said...

Good stuff! You're a much better blogger than me for replying so quickly. I love hearing about the personal lives of my favorite bloggers once and a while. #1 really helped clarify your job situation. I was always so confused when you'd talk about one job and then a few weeks later another. I kept thinking did she changes jobs? Should I congratulate her? After reading #2 I'm adding a few of those to my Netflix queue. FM used to watch movies all the time (not much good on TV at 2am) but his genres are action, sci fy, action, military drama, action, and old westerns. I would throw in some romantic comedy every month or two not because I like them that much but because I simply couldn't watch another action movie. ; )

I don't like it when people can see in my windows at night either. When in the city I would go around and close my blinds at night so people couldn't see in. But now that I'm back in the country it's much better. I still don't like being in our DR with the light on when it's dark out though because it has four big windows that people can briefly see in when they drive up our road. I'm OK with mirrors in most rooms but I've just never liked them in the bedroom (however I'm seriously considering putting one in our new master bedroom because I like the way they look, yes I realize that is a total contradiction). I guess I just didn't want to see reflections of me or FM walking around in the dark and think I saw something else in the corner of my eye and be afraid to go to sleep. Which reminds me I can't watch scary movies. Yup I'm a total whimp when it comes to stuff like that.

meryl rose said...

I totally can't watch scary movies either! Although sometimes Chris will talk me into one and then for the next week I'm always terrified as I'm going to bed.

Mirrors at night in the DARK = Meryl shivering in her boots :)