Veggie Garden 2.0

We finally got to planting our second veggie garden. It's December yes, we know. But this just wasn't looking great anymore

It's not a great feature on the back of the house

And because the backyard has been looking a lot nicer nowadays with our wonderful patio, we thought it was about time to clean up veggie garden 2.0

And that was a dirty job

And once that yucky plastic that we laid down months and months and months ago to kill weeds was rolled up and disposed of (stinky. dirty.) we weeded. Because we have killer weeds here

Soon the weeds were pulled

And we tilled the soil and added some more good stuff

And we got to add some of our homemade compost and mixed that in too

Then we got to planting the veggies. I picked up potatoes, peas and broccoli at the nursery. They said based on our climate these should do okay, so we'll see how things go.

The taters go in

Then we planted the broccoli seeds and plopped in the peas and called it a day

Big improvement!

Now if only I could get around to weeding and pulling out the dead plants from veggie garden 1.0

Not so pretty. Let's go back to veggie garden 2.0

Ahhhhh, much better.

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