What a Relief the Relief Didn't Take Long

I was not really looking forward to painting the relief in the front room because I feared it would take a very long long long time

But it was actually quite easy, and it looks crisp, clean and very snazzy now.

First up the relief area got 3 coats of white (I was actually amazed that it took 3 coasts instead of only 2, but there was still wall color peeping through after 2)

(sorry for the super shaky pic)

I sat on the relief painted white for a week or two, and then finally decided it was time to do the detail work. We won't paint most of the room until after we've refinished the floors, but this area is a small detail and the dust from the sanding will be easy to clean off quickly.

I brought out the ladder and climbed up with my quart of darker than the rest of the room paint and a teeny tiny detail brush. The first hour was slow going at first, but then I got into a good rhythm

The first coat took me about 2 hours, one on each half of the two sides

The next day I climbed back on the ladder for the second coat. That second coat covered really well and in 90% of the relief you couldn't see any white popping through, but my teeny tiny brush didn't provide the most even coverage so I had to touch up here and there on a 3rd go round.

Once the detail of the relief was painted I painted the small amount of wall around the archway the same color. The alcove around the relief and this bit of wall will be painted the wall color in the rest of the room, but I thought painting the border of the relief the same color would look nice. The first coat took about 45 minutes, and the second about 30. And soon the relief wall looked awesome

It only took about 5 hours total for all the painting of the relief and around the relief, which is great news because it wasn't super fun getting that teeny tiny brush in all those nooks and crannies and having your face smashed up against the wall so you could make sure your lines were smooth and accurate. But it does look pretty :)

My corner is pretty messy

But when I paint the rest of the walls with the wall color I'll clean that up and make it neat and tidy.

Because the relief didn't take too long I figured I might as well paint the corbels now as well. The corbels are currently painted dirty white

I repaintedthem high gloss white. I cleaned them off, then got out the paint brush and climbed up on the ladder to put a coat on them

Again, I painted them a little messy (like the corner on the relief wall), because it'll be easier to make a nice clean line when I get to the wall paint. It'll put a coat of primer over it first so that there's no flashing because of the finish difference as the walls will be eggshell.

In the pic below the corbel on the left doesn't have the white paint, and the one on the right is newly painted. You can't tell too much of a difference in photos, but there is a big difference in person. I love the new, white gloss paint

The first coat on all of them took about an hour and a half because getting in all those nooks and crannies took a bit of work. But the second coat (to make things nice and even) took about half as long. And I love the way they look!

I knew painting this room would take a long time because of all the details and cut ins, and so far I've tacked up 5 hours (relief) + 2:15 (the corbels). It'll be interesting to see how long all the paint takes. Little by little by little.


jenne said...

wow! you've been doing a lot of work! did you guys add the corbels or were they there before?

meryl rose said...

They were originally in the room, they just needed a bit of TLC to bring them back to life

Tamara said...

I love the grey color on the relief. Great job . . . which is no surprise :)

meryl rose said...

thanks momma :)

Heather said...

Oh my god, this room is going to look SO good. I can't wait to see the finished product!

Katy @ Turtle House said...

Woowwww, the relief looks beeeyoootiful! Well done!

Should I be embarrassed that I had no idea what a corbel was before I read this post?? ;-)

meryl rose said...

Thanks ladies.

Katy - lol! I had no idea what you were talking about with all your salamander critter language and habitats, so we'll call it even :)

Bunny @ 86n It said...

This room is going to look amazing!