Now ALL the Trim is In!

And it's painted too!

Chris nailed in the last piece of trim Friday evening

Once all the trim was in, it was time to make sure it was all painted properly. Because the original trim that was in here was white, we matched the new trim to that. This weekend I painted LOTS of white.

There were some touch-ups to attend to

Some upper trim to paint from slightly yellow to ultra pure white

And then there was the door from the art room to get to as well, which took FOUR coats of paint and a lot of time scraping the glass to make sure it was clean. Not fun

But after a few hours of a paint brush full of ultra pure white and a little bit of time spent on little wall color touch ups, the room looks great!

Now it's time to get to the details!


The Trim is In!

...well, most of it.

We've been lagging on the animal room the last two weeks. We've been out at my dad and Wendy's doing work (pics to come later, I'm waiting till we finally finish it), and it's been cold and very rainy (it's even supposed to SNOW in Oakland tonight and tomorrow morning).

One thing we have made progress on though: trim! Progress does not = done, unfortunately. But when I came home from work on Monday Chris had a nice surprise for me

He even salvaged some of our old window trim to fashion our apron

(many cuts to make all those angles match the windows in the rest of the house. Good job Mr. Christopher.)

Once Chris got the trim in, it was time to paint it. Normally we paint all the trim before we paint the walls (cutting into already painted trim is a lot easier than painting trim after the walls are painted). But because I already painted :) I decided I'd rather be safe than sorry and tape everything off

I slathered on some primer on Tuesday, and when I got home from work on Wednesday Chris had surprised me again. Baseboards!

He wasn't able to get it all done (one small wall missing), but it's looking mighty fine. Because one of the walls is originally the exterior stucco wall, Chris had to be a little inventive when it came to how the hell he attached the trim to the wall (finish nails + stucco = not friends)

And his cut to fit it under the threshold from the art room looks great too (just some touching up needed)

Everything's looking good. Just 2 coats of ultra pure white on the window trim, one more baseboard to install, and some patching and another coat on the rest of the baseboards

Lookin' good.


Well, There You Are 13 sq. ft. of Tile

We ordered our tile a while back. Though we're not anywhere near tiling (we're not even working on the bathroom right now), I've been able to take on more jobs than normal, so we figured we might as well buy as much stuff as we can for the bathroom now while we're making extra money.

In our tile order was 153 square feet of our (beautiful) white, beveled subway tile (swoon)

9 boxes of tile arrived at our house and found themselves a messy home in our front room

Over Super Bowl weekend we organized things (not just the tile, do you see how messy that room was?) And we counted and made sure we had all 9 boxes of our order. But looking at it, it just didn't seem right that inside only 9 boxes was 153 sq. ft. of tile. So I did some math.

Inside each box is 124 pieces of individual tile

And it takes 8 pieces of subway tile to make up 1 sq. ft.

So if there are 8 tiles per sq. ft. and 124 pieces per box, that means there's 15.5 sq. ft. per box. Multiply that by 9 boxes and you get 139.5, which I rounded to 140. That means we had 13 sq. ft. (that we paid for) that were missing.

So I called up buytile.com. The lady I spoke to didn't really get what I was saying to her. She said "the manufacturer says that there are 17 sq. ft. per box, so you got the 9 boxes you ordered." To which I replied, "well, their math is wrong because there's not 17 sq. ft. per box, there's 15.5" She of course didn't believe it, so we walked through the math together.

Surprise. I was right.

She said she'd have to call the manufacturer again (at this point the calls to buytile had lasted 2 days). I said I either wanted my additional 13 sq. ft. or a refund for the sq. footage I didn't get but paid for.

Two days later (and no call, despite a promise of a call) I got an email from buytile saying my order had been updated. My order? The order I made over a month ago? There were no details of how it had been updated, just that it had indeed been updated. I assumed this meant I was getting more tile?

Nearly 2 weeks after that email (and much effort made by me to not call and ask what was going on) another box arrived at our door: our missing 13 sq. ft. of tile!

Yay! I was super grateful that they corrected the order and shipped us the right amount of tile, but it definitely made me realize that I need to triple check any orders I get from them to make sure they're correct. Especially if we ever order tile from Northeastern Tile (the manufacturer). I mean, how can you have it WRONG of how much sq. ft. is in each box of your tile? And, you can't argue it's the grout line that makes up the difference because I measured the tile and it's actually smaller than 3x6. It made me feel bad for anyone else that's ordered tile from them and didn't double check and maybe had to reorder because they didn't have enough. So, lesson of the story: Buyer beware --> double check your orders, and check a product's comments because we made sure to comment on that one.


Picardy Vol. 2

Last year for Christmas I made Chris a book using Blurb of all the work on our house. We closed between Christmas/New Year's of 2008, so it seemed like a great present to compile all the work from that year together in a book (narrated with this blog and Chris' website).

This year I wasn't on the ball as much and had too much going on to make it a Christmas present for him, so instead it was a "Hello February" present to him :) But I finally finished it (all 160 pages) and it came in the mail last week!

Chris had fun looking through it

And interestingly, in the same exact position as last year

(although, thankfully our house is no longer 40 degrees inside because we have a heater now)

I think making the books each year is so much fun. It's great looking back on the progress we've made and to see what we started with. It makes it feel like you're actually accomplishing something when you've got 160 pages of work being done to the house. And it'll be even more fun to look through them in 5, 10, 20 years and laugh about all the adventures, mishaps, and headaches. Now, on to more progress to make next year's book even better!


One Painting Done

I started four paintings a couple weeks ago that I plan to put up in the animal room once they're completed. And I've finished the first one, yay!

Here's what it was looking like back when I showed the projects as they were starting

And here's what the finished product looks like

I love it! The colors just make it glow and it's so bright, I really just like staring at it. I'm super happy with how it's turned out. Now I only have 3 more to go!


Refinishing my Filing Cabinet

You may remembered that I snagged this baby for free from Chris' work a few months back. It's been sitting in my art room ever since waiting to get used (because for some reason I decided it needed to get refinished before I would put anything in it)

And refinishing was a must. That biscuit color just makes me want to barf. Whoever thought biscuit was a good idea...gross.

Chris and I hauled it to the backyard, which was met with much huffing and puffing because that sucker is heavy. But once it was outside it was time for a beautiful, glossy white transformation

First up was taking out all the drawers and cleaning it. This required scraping off old tape, sponging down strange, gross stains...

...and just a general scrub down. Once the cleaning was done it was time for a light sanding. I didn't need to sand it down to the bare metal, but it's important to scuff the top layer up so the spray paint has something to fix to

After sanding, another sponge down is necessary to wipe off all the dust sanding has created. Next, I attempted to take off the hardware, but those screws were in really tight, and I just too lazy to fiddle with them anymore, so out came the frog tape

On all four of the drawers I taped off the handle, label plate, and that thingy-ma-jig you push when you open the drawer. I didn't tape the label plate off perfectly (left the center open) because a label will eventually be slid into the opening, so I really just only wanted the metal to stay protected

Scraping, cleaining, sanding and taping off all the drawers and the little key hole on the actual cabinet took me about an hour

It's important to really do the prep work right and make sure everything is clean and sanded, otherwise your paint just is going to be subpar, splotchy and not be looking too hot. Prep work is always the most annoying part, but it's also the most important to a nice, clean finished product

With all the prep done, I was ready to go. I had bought a can of spray primer for the first coat. There wasn't any bare metal to prime over, but I knew starting with a primer coat would help all my glossy white layers go on more evenly

I went through the whole can of primer, so I was a little nervous my 2 1/2 cans of glossy white spray paint wouldn't be enough. But with the primer undercoat, the glossy white went on really evenly and 2 1/2 cans was more then enough In fact, only 3 coats of the glossy white was needed (I had thought I'd need many more coats) to make things even and clean. I had to move it into the garage for the last coat because we've had some rain storms here in the Bay for the last couple of days

I'm lovin' the way it's looking

Now we just have to haul it into the animal room. Boo. But I can't wait to fill it with a bunch of organized shit! :)


2 Paint Jobs in 24 Hours

I showed off the paint samples last week and was super jazzed (along with everyone else - great minds think alike) about A.S. or Glidden's Antique Silver

It had, what I thought to be, the perfect amount of gray and blue in it. I really liked it. Chris did too. It was the clear winner. So Monday after work I picked up a gallon at HD with the intention of getting to painting yesterday. And I stayed perfectly on track getting my butt into gear and painting the animal room with two coats of Antique Silver

I liked it while the first coat was going up, but the later and later it got into the day I started disliking it more and more. It certainly was not Antique SILVER, it was BLUE. Each time I walked into the room I felt more and more negative about it. It was a perfectly fine color, but it just wasn't what I had in mind for the room. With colorful curtains planned and some colorful artwork in the making, having colorful walls made me feel like the room was turning into a fun house.

Chris was very understanding about it, and even though he liked the color he tried to talk me into a decision, ANY decision. I wasn't sure if I liked it enough to keep it, or disliked it enough to repaint. It was also 6 in the evening and with the carpet set to be delivered the next day (TODAY!), if I wanted to repaint, now was the time to decide. What finally made my decision was when Chris said, "I mean, I like it, but you're the one who's going to be looking at the walls all day." Sold. Time to repaint.

So repaint I did. I drove my ass to HD, picked out a new color with no sample or trying it on, I just went for it. I got home and started with the cut-ins. Chris was super amazing and got to work with the roller

I went much lighter the second time and picked a gray with just a hint of blue in it. I want all the white trim in the room to really pop and I want the colorful accessories to not have another feature to compete with. Martha Stewart's Dolphin (color matched for Glidden) was the perfect fit

With the first coat of the SECOND paint job done around 8:45 or 9 at night, it was too late to wait and paint a second coat. Instead, I simply got up extra early this morning, went for a run, and then set a world record for fastest second coat before I had to go to work

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color. It's perfect. It's just the hint of blue to pull it out of boring gray, but not too blue (like it was before) to make the room a crazy, whirlwind, kaleidoscope of color. And after annoying myself with too much painting, I came home to an AMAZING treat

It's a room! There's painted walls, carpet, and a light!

2 paint jobs in 24 hours was definitely worth it.