Before & After: The Patio

Yay!!!!!! I am so excited to write this post for two reasons: 1) it means this project is DONE DONE DONE and 2) I'm so excited to show you amazingly patient readers some awesome before & after comparison shots. Now, without further ado, let's get down to business.

When we first moved in our patio was cruisin' for a bruisin'

And our garage didn't look so hot either. But my oh my has that view evolved. First there was the concrete

And then there was dirt, pack, sand, blah blah blah. But now, there are PAVERS!

And the side of the house, that's a mighty fun comparison as well. Here it is when we moved in

That look has had a mighty evolution as well. Here it is when we powerwashed

And now it's nicely painted, yucky old concrete removed and beautiful pavers installed!

I don't really have a great one of the driveway before, only after we did our first ripping up of it (and the pavers were already laid behind it)

But now that view looks mighty pretty :)

Now, for some more shots that have no specific "before" to compare it against, but I just love our pavers too much not to show :)

The sealer we used gives a little sheen

But more importantly it protects the pavers from future stains and helps shed water.

We've got a nice, even playing surface to play basketball at now

And a nice, large, but not overpowering area to just hang out

I am SUPER happy that we didn't do the tire tracks down the side of the house to the driveway like the concrete used be. I like the seamless, clean look of the pavers all the way down the side

But the most amazing part? I just can't believe we're done with the project. It's amazing to look back on the pictures of ripping up the first bit of concrete, shoveling all the dirt, running over the pack with the plate compactor...it's pretty unbelievable how much went into getting this patio done, but I am just so so so so so so so happy with how it turned out


Now, no more heavy lifting for a while.


Holy Jebus, Thank God it's DONE

FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY the final step, yay!!!!! Tomorrow I'll get to show you fine, wonderful, awesomely patient folks the Before & After of the patio. But first, let's go over the sealer that took forever to get done.

First, we had to get the patio clean. Because we've been parking the car on the driveway and walking on it, it's gotten a bit dirty

So we bought this cleaner

And got to work cleaning. Chris kept the patio damp

And I took the scrubbing broom and scrubbed scrubbed scrubbed

Cinderelli Cinderelli :)

Around the area where we drilled for the gate latch it didn't do a super great job of cleaning the first time around. See the haze?

So I scrubbed again

And after Chris hosed everything off we had to wait for 2 days while the sun shined on it and dried everything out. We had originally thought we only had to wait 12 hours, but the container actually said 2 days with sunshine or FIVE if there was significant cloud cover. That got a big huge gulp of anxiety from me because I REALLY wanted to get this project done. We were super lucky that the only really cloudy, rainy day of the weekend was Thursday though, so when we cleaned the patio on Friday we lucked out with sunny skies the rest of Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday, yay!!!

So yesterday afternoon we brought out the sealer to complete the final step!

I actually wasn't super thrilled with the job the "cleaner" did

But what are you gonna do? The sealer we put on will help protect the patio from future stains, so that's what counts.

We poured the sealer into a bucket, brought out some rollers (1/2" and 3/8" nap - the 3/4 made the sealer bubble and streak a lot on the pavers) and rolled it onto the pavers

We only had one roller extension, so Chris was the lucky one who got to use it, while I maneuvered around the patio crouched down. But he did spend 3 hours crawling around under the house working on some electrical (which I'll fill you in on early next week), so I figured it was fair :)

It was a really easy process, made much more fun by listening to Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me on podcast (it won't dry this dark)

It didn't take too long, perfect timing actually because after about 45 minutes the episode of Wait Wait was over and we were just rolling on the last bit.

The instructions said to let it cure for a few hours without any foot traffic, but we'll leave it all day today as well (we parked Chris' truck on the street instead of the driveway) because we're paranoid. I am SO excited that this project is finally done, and I can't wait to take the After pictures tomorrow morning and share them with all of you!


We'd be REALLY Thankful if there was no Rain

There are many many many things to be thankful for on Thanksgiving: good health, a fun house to live in and work on, great supportive family, a pretty handsome boyfriend who I have fun hanging out with (although I sprinted away to write this post as he was rolling his eyes at me...), BUT I think I speak for both Chris and I when I say we'd be really really really thankful if the crappy weather took a break

Please no more sprinkles, misting, or just water coming down from the clouds in general. We need no rain and 12 hours of no rain so the pavers can get dried out enough before we seal them and we really want to seal them so we can FINISH. THIS. PROJECT.

Thank you.

Oh, and happy Thanksgiving. Off to paint the relief in the front room and watch some football because that's what holidays in this household are about :)


Refinishing So Far

Many of you amazing readers voiced your excitement and opinions about the lights we chose and the fabric and chairs we have planned for our chair refinishing. I'm not anywhere near done refinishing the lights or chairs, but I thought I'd give you folks an in progress update about how the projects are going because your excitement got me excited.

First, the lights.

After we brought them home I cleaned cleaned cleaned them and then I started taking them apart for the spray painting

Once things were all taken apart...

..it got taken out to the garage for spray painting

Everything got 3-4 coats of Rustoleum's oil rubbed bronze, and they're still sitting in the garage like 3 weeks later

I should probably get my act together and put the lights back together and take them back in the house...

Now for the chairs.

Each one got a trip outside to get cleaned, the seat removed and sanded

This chair came with no seat

This chair's arm rest has broken off (nothing a nail gun can't solve)

And this last one took a looooooong time to take apart

The seat took awhile to get separated from the chair because I had to take off EVERY SINGLE ONE of those fabric tacs. It was not a fun job. When I got them all off it revealed a wicker seat that was broken, so I'll have to figure out how to make the seat part of this chair work

We're still brainstorming about how to cut the seat portion out --> how it will be shaped, attached and to what extent it'll come to the edge.

With all the seats detached (except for the two we need to cut)...

...I took off the old seating fabric because it smelled musty. That involved many staples being ripped out (this is just from the first seat)

But after the fabric was off, it was time to recover them

And here they sit in all their pretty flowered glory waiting to find their place back on repainted chairs

Now we just have to get the sprayer back out to get them painted. Hmmm, maybe a Thanksgiving weekend project. What do you say Mr. Christopher? :)