Painting was a Full Time Job

Painting the front room sucked. Chris wasn't looking forward to it. I wasn't looking forward to it. There was so much detail. We had FOUR different colors. And the room is pretty damn big. I've been known to second guess paint decisions, and there was no way that could happen with this room once the paint went on because Chris and I would rather sell the house right now than repaint that room (well, maybe not that drastic, but pretty close).

It all started out as fun and games when I spent about 7 hours painting the relief

And corbels

But pretty quickly after that it all went downhill. Chris spent 3 hours himself priming the ceiling (yes, each bay took an hour)

And it took the two of us 2 1/2 hours together to prime all the walls

It took me an hour and a half to paint the glossy white fireplace detail

And about 30 minutes of Chris' help and an hour by myself to get that beautiful gray around the fireplace

Chris spent 3 1/2 hours by himself painting the ceiling and doing some wall rolling

And we spent many other hours painting around the bookcases

Doing all the wall cut-ins, rolling on the wall color or cleaning up spilled paint

Whoopsie :)

But just how long did it take? Well, lucky for you I'm a crazy person and I wrote down all the time we spent painting to see just how long it would take.

Chris and I collectively spend 16 single hours painting. That's 16 hours by ourselves while the other person was at work or doing something else on the house. And we spent 10 hours together at the same time painting (and collectively whining. Well, maybe the whining was just me). In total, that's 36 single man hours spent painting that damn (but now beautiful) front room. Nearly a full week's worth of work spent just painting one room. Bleh. But, the room does look fantastic

I just won't be doing any painting for a long time.

The Front Room. Is Finally. Painted.

Thank god. Because it took forever.

The first gray to go up on the walls was very exciting, and it came on Christmas Eve: the fireplace detail!

It's the same darker gray that's on the relief detail as well. And I love love love the color

OMG I love it. But let me tell you, that wall was fun, easy and fast. The rest of the room? None of the above. IT TOOK FOREVER. The first strokes of the lighter gray were painted on with much enthusiasm

And those first rolls?

Also very exciting. But by the time I got around the room to the TWO bookcases and the really really straight line I had to freehand paint I wanted to pluck my eyebrows out one hair at a time

And I'm sure Chris was having no fun painting the last two ceiling bays with the pink, I mean white, ceiling color

And again, all eyebrow hairs almost vanished from my face while doing the window cut-ins

But two pieces of exciting accomplishments that we tackled while painting were installing the sconces around the fireplace

And a new light (Chris' awesome idea) in the little relief alcove

But after alllllll the hard work - and you'll learn just how much in another post --> you know I like to ridiculously keep track of how long certain projects take (hello 50+ hours of tiling) - the room looks fucking fantastic

I personally cannot get over how great the fireplace looks (and I can't wait to add the tile!)

I LOVE the lights and I'm very happy I decided to paint the stems instead of leaving them white

The center light still needs to be installed (the escutcheon is a bit difficult)

But other than that, this room is looking pretty damn fantastic! Let's take another look at that fireplace

Ahhhhhh. Now we can basque in all of it's painted glory. (And for a paint resource if anyone's interested: the darker gray detail is Martha Stewart's Cement Gray color matched in Glidden Eggshell and the wall color is Behr's Ashes also color matched in Glidden Eggshell.)


2011: A Year in Pictures

Last year I totally copied this idea from Robin over at 3 acres & 3000 Square Feet and I had so much fun with the idea that I'm copying her again :)

A year end summary in pictures by month always makes me feel better about what we accomplished this year, so let's have at it.

January - ripping down and reframing the horrible "addition" on the back of the house

February - we got the animal room looking more habitable by hanging drywall and finally getting ready for paint

March - the animal room really started taking shape as we worked to complete all the details

April - we built a fence at my dad and Wendy's that confounded our measuring capabilities. But it ended up looking pretty awesome

May - we worked on little baby projects while we secretly worked on a bigger one :)

June - we revealed we'd been working on getting the house painted and allllllll the projects that had to be completed before we could finally bring in the professionals

July - the house was finally painted!

And we also decided, what the hell, let's throw the 2011 house goal list out the window and work on our patio and pergola!!

August - we finished building the pergola in the backyard!

And I finally revealed the Animal Room Before & After

September - we were finally done with digging and got started loading in the pack for the pavers

And just like we threw the list out the window, we did the same thing again and decided to work on the front room

October - we decided that ripping up our whole concrete patio and tire tracks down the side of our house wasn't enough and that we should rip up the driveway too

November - we finally finally finally finished the patio and had our Before & After reveal

December - we spent most of the time working on many projects here and there in the front room, but spent most of our time trying to figure out how the hell to overcome the strange mismatch texture that resulted from repairing our canvas walls and decided to just retexture the whole thing

Now, let's hope we get LOTS done in 2012 so we can show even more projects completed! :) And tomorrow I'll reveal some wonderful front room gray! We're almost done painting, 2nd coat here we come!


4 Kinds of White

We've been busy bees painting in the front room and it finally looks like progress had been made, yay! Christmas Eve we spent nearly the entire day painting 4 different kinds of white on the walls and ceiling. Can you handle that excitement?

First up: the bookcases

Let me tell you, painting two coats of Behr Ultra Pure White Semi Gloss in those 2 built in bookcases was not fun (usually we don't use Behr, but we already had it from past projects so we decided to finish it up)

White number 2? Chris finished priming the other two ceiling bays with our Glidden primer

And once he was done with that he started painting the ceiling color, Glidden's "Ceiling Paint" which is a bit more flat so we like that it doesn't have much sheen

And oh yeah, it goes on pink

But the most exciting white we painted? The fireplace detail, eeeeee!!!!

OMG the beautiful difference that high gloss makes :)

I painted a bit of the detail on the lower part as well

Look at the difference between the gross dirty white before and the new high gloss white


(we're hoping to demo that remaining non-high gloss white area and tile it because it's buckling)

And more exciting news? Gray has finally made an appearance! But I'll save that for later this week, we've got to get back to painting! :)