2012 House Goals

Alright, it's time to publicly shout out our list of 2012 house goals in hopes that we might be more successful at accomplishing all of them than we were last year... :) Our list adds up to more than a year's worth of work, so, we'll see what happens

Here they are (you can click to make it bigger)

Just a few things that are on this list come from last year's list because we trailed a little off course ;)

1. First up, finishing the front room

We're getting close, but we've still got some biggish projects left - refinishing the floors, tiling the fireplace (which involves a bit of demo), building our sports ticket table, refinishing the chairs, hanging artwork...but at least we're done painting!

2. Building the back fence

That gross red falling over fence really needs to come down (helllllooooo goal from last year). Our neighbor is willing to split the cost of supplies with us, so that's awesome. And considering that we actually called her to try to schedule a time to get it done within the next month or two, we might actually get it done this year.


The laundry room has sat in this same unfinished state for almost 2 years now. We got the washer and dryer hooked up in the Spring of 2010 and then moved on. We wanted to finish in the first year we were here, then last year and now we'd really like to finally finish it. And as you can see, a lot of stuff needs to get cleared out in order to get that task accomplished.

4. Finish the back bathroom

We demo'd this back bathroom last year with the goal to finish it off after we finished the animal room, but clearly that never happened. The patio got us too excited apparently. There is A LOT of work to be done here, so I think our guess of 4 months to fix the structure, rough everything in, tile 5' up the wall and everything else that needs to get done (including busting a hole into the bedroom and installing a pocket door) is a safe guess

5. Earthquake retrofit

Because our house was built nearly 90 years ago, there are certain structural issues we've got to address underneath the house to make it earthquake safe. It withstood the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake so we know it's built strong, but we'd really hate to have done all this work to it to have it topple over in another earthquake. That would really suck.

6. Front Yard

Yup, our front yard looks pretty pretty pretty ugly at the moment. What, you don't like our growing mountain of mushrooms? And our neighbors have been BEYOND nice and encouraging all along the way. But we'd really like to give them a pretty yard to look at as they drive by, walk their dogs or play outside with their kids. We've got plans to build a cool path up to the front of the house, we want to redo the porch area a bit, and when we do all the planting we hope to take out all the grass and be very low maintenance and go with plants that need very little to no water.

7. TV Room Redo

This was also on our wishlist last year and clearly we never got around to it :) This room doesn't need too much work (famous last words right?) The popcorn ceiling needs to be removed, we'll need to repair and skim coat the ceiling, there are some wall patches we've got to address and then of course paint. We'll also be building a cabinet in the recessed area where the TV is that I am super excited about, we'll also possibly be building a cool coffee table and we'll recover our super long couch (a hand me down from Chris' grandmother that was a hand me down from her mother, so we know it's built to last)

8. Hallway

This one is just a pipe dream because I think both Chris and I don't realistically believe we'll be able to get to it this year. But we can hope, right? We've got a corner cabinet we'd like to rip down (it stinks - literally, it smells funny, it's not built great and it's horrendously ugly) and build something in its place. And the wall closet with sliding doors certainly needs to be improved. After that, patching and paint will come easy.

And then there's the projects for other people we'll tackle.

For my dad and Wendy we're building them another cabinet for their TV nook (finally, and we're actually building it right now and hope to install it within the next month) and we've got to finish the space out so that it doesn't look like this anymore

And for my mom and CBH we've got to finish their porch repair (just a piece of redwood to replace and repaint), reroof the garage (a nearly 2 year old wish list project that we really have to crack the whip and finally get our butt into gear and get it done) and a small repair on their garage door.

Clearly it will be a very busy year. I'm hoping for 2/3rds completion. I can dream for 100%, but I think we're all trying to be realistic here :)


Erika said...

Happy New Year! Here's to another year of making our houses into our homes!

meryl rose said...

yes indeed!

Kelly C. said...

I thought I read somewhere that you weren't ever painting again, lol! And, holy smokes mushrooms . . . I'm in Texas & we don't see shrooms growing like that . . . pretty cool!

meryl rose said...

ugh I know, I used to look forward to painting and now I'm starting to loathe it. Aren't those mushrooms crazy??? We had 3 little pods of them and that was the most impressive one