$75 or Several Thousand. Whichever.

It's finally time to build my sports ticket table, yay!!!!! (I'm not sure whether I have enough sports tickets to fill it, but I'm very very very close). Originally I had wanted to paint the table once we had built it and then have the tickets inlay'ed in it. But one evening as Chris and I were tossing around ideas about it (and I was trying to figure out what a dining room table was supposed to look like) Chris came up with the idea of using reclaimed wood to build it and sealing it instead of painting it so we could see all of the imperfections and signs the wood's past life. The idea immediately made me excited.

Because we'd be using great, old wood that had had a previous life I decided I wanted the table to be really chunky, hulking and solid. A big, beefy, wood table. You know, with a glass inlay in the center and 10 years worth of sports tickets sitting beneath it. Whatever floats your boat :)

After asking Chris construction questions, deciding what kinds of angles, trims and details we wanted I came up with a pretty simple design

The top will be constructed by 2x4's laying on their sides (with a routered out center to inlay the glass). The top will be 72" x 42" with the 60" x 30" glass inlay in the center. The "feet" of the table will be 2 2x6's sandwiched together with a simple design cut with a jigsaw to give it a little detail. The "spindles" will be 3 4x4's on each side with a chamfer cut on all four corners. The top brace will be 2 2x4's sandwiched together with a small detail cut out with a jigsaw. The entire table will be roughly 30" tall.

Armed with the plan we headed to a local reuse place we'd been to while we were looking for the front room light that had old lumber. We hit the motherload

Once we got there and started looking through the wood our plans got modified a bit. The top would now be constructed with 2x3's AND 2x4's, the "spindles" would now be old pieces of subfloor ripped down to 2x4 size and sandwiched together, and the top braces would also be subfloor ripped down to 2x4 size instead of using actual 2x4's (first because the 2x4 selection wasn't super great, and second because we became enamored with the old subfloor). We loaded up the truck with lots and lots of wood and held our breath to get the total......$70! Both of our jaws sort of dropped in excitement as we were anticipating that it would be well over $100. Exciting!

We came home and unloaded all the wood

As we thought about all the work that was ahead of us to sand all the pieces and get them to the correct width and size to match up properly Chris sort of waxed poetic about how cool it would be to have a planer for this job. We both agreed that it would be A LOT easier and pretty fun. We sort of laughed about it, "Haha, those things are just so expensive though..." And then we started convincing ourselves that it would probably be a great idea to get one! :) Oh jesus.

Sure, they're a bit pricey (the DeWalt one Chris had his eye on was about $400), but we've got plans down the line to build a cabinet in the TV room, build a coffee table, build a bed, build a cabinet for the laundry room, build storage for the hallway...and wouldn't it be cool to use MORE reclaimed wood??? Then we also forced ourselves to recognize that we'd been hoarding HD gift certificates for a long while now and seeing that this tool would be used to build projects for us but would ultimately be Chris' I said I wouldn't have any problem buying most of the tool with gift certificates if he paid the rest.

And that's how we decided that it would totally be worth it to buy this planer

Isn't it preeeeeeeetttty? :) We used a Lowe's 10% off coupon that HD accepted and used a bunch o' gift certificates and then Chris paid about $100ish out of pocket for it. Score!

Now, that $400 (but Chris paid $100) planer tags on a hefty price to the $70 worth of wood table (but we need to buy just a little more wood for braces that we forgot about which we're figuring will tack on another $5 for a grand total of $75 on wood). And then when you think about the fact that a large portion of the table top will be made up of sports tickets to games me, Chris and my dad have been to...

...well, I don't even want to think about how many thousands of dollars all those tickets to all those games have cost. I would much rather like to think that this table only cost us $75 worth of reclaimed wood. It makes me feel a lot better about myself.


threeacres said...

Wowee you're getting into the big time now with a planer! That's not a common DIYer tool. We're lucky that we know 3 cabinet makers with one so it's not our "to buy" list just yet. That reclaimed lumber store looks awesome! I wish we had one with prices like that around here. Maybe someday.

meryl rose said...

That's super awesome that you've got people with them close by, I'm WAY excited to start using it on all of our projects, eeeee!!! :)