Adios Ugly Fireplace Stone, Plaster Stuff

My wishlist was to remove the buckling stone, plaster thing area around the fireplace and retile

And after the walls and the none buckling area got painted, it made me want to remove it even more

And that fireplace screen? U-G-L-Y. We weren't quite sure how easy or hard the task was going to be, but one evening we just decided to try and take the screen off. Chris inspected things

And after a little muscle and teamwork to get some really old screws unscrewed we pulled that baby off

Then it was just a matter of removing the ugly, buckling park. I went out to the garage and got the roto hammer, one of my really good friends ...

...to demolish it

The first couple cracks at it were a little awkward and difficult as I was trying to figure out which angle to go at it and be the most efficient (and not destroy the wood mantle)

But once I figure out that it was best and easiest to use the chisel attachment of the roto hammer parallel along the buckled portion and then perpendicular to it down the length, the pieces came off in big chunks, and very quickly

I used this same strategy on the right side and I got it all off in seriously probably 2 minutes

I couldn't use the same strategy for the top, so I sort of just tried to loosen things up by making a few holes, then just seeing where cracking occured

Once the cracking started it was easy to go at the weak points to break things up more. The pieces didn't come off in as big of chunks, but it wasn't too hard

And pretty soon I got it all off and it was just time for clean up. It didn't look too snazzy after, but it's ready for tile prep, so that's exciting

All in all the task probably took an hour from grabbing my supplies from the garage to cleaning up and putting everything away, which isn't too bad at all

And now I'm VERY excited to tile. First we'll be refinishing the floors though, so we'll have to wait a little till we get to that step. I can't wait to show you the tile we got last week, but it was a special order item and we haven't gotten it yet and I totally spaced and didn't take any pictures at the tile showroom. Hopefully it comes next week!


Tamara said...

Gotta love a gal who wields a roto-hammer to such efficient effect. Nice job!

Deb said...

Seriously. That was a total tease. No fair. ;)

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

So cool! Don't you just love demolishing things? I just hate the cleanup :)

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

I like demo! Let's see that tile.

threeacres said...

Oohhh tile! *starts dreaming of the possibilities*

meryl rose said...

It is true, the ACTUAL demo is always fun, but I loathe the clean up. And I can't wait for the tile to come either!!! Hopefully that'll get us motivated to sand and refinish the floors cuz I can't wait for the tile to go up!