The Best Craigslisters Ever

Craigslist and I have a love/hate relationship. Sometimes I love it, but most of the time I get really pissed off at it (the callers who have not apparently read anything about your ad except your phone number because they ask every single detail you put in your ad, the people who call and say they're on their way and never show up, the people who try to haggle for the absolute best deal they can get and won't shut up about it...clearly I could go on). But sometimes, just sometimes, it works wonders.

Last week Chris and I were running errands looking for tile for the fireplace surround in the front room and he got a call for someone interested in our dirt

Yup, that pile of dirt that's been sitting on our front lawn for oh, maybe 2 months.

We'd been posting "free dirt" , "free dirt" , "free dirt" , "free dirt" for weeks and weeks and weeks with no takers (well, "interested" people called or emailed but nothing had panned out).

After Chris got off the phone he said some guy was interested in 3 yards and would be sending someone over. Red flag to me: no one seems to ever actually know how much 1 yard is, let alone 3 and usually when someone else is being sent over that's just a way they feel is nice to get off the call but not actually come over.

Sure enough about 90 minutes past and no one came (they were just a neighborhood over). And we thought, "lame." But then, just as we were sitting down to dinner the doorbell rang and it was the craiglisters in a Ford Ranger armed with buckets ready to haul some dirt away. And can I just tell you, I was terrible to think anything less of them because they were awesome. They took 3 trips over the course of 12 hours and took away ALL the dirt. And they did it so neatly. Neatly take away dirt? Look at the little pile they made so dirt wasn't all over the yard after their second trip

Saturday morning I left pretty early to go grocery shopping before Chris woke up and I encountered our newspaper on the lawn. I lazily decided I'd bring it in when I got home, but when I returned I found 2 things: our pile of dirt was no more!

And those sneaky amazingly nice craigslisters had even put our paper on the porch for us

Seriously? They are officially the best craigslisters ever. And our dirt is gone! Could they be my friend?

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