Books Are Back

I know, I know. We're all eagerly awaiting the tile arrival, but we still haven't gotten the call that it has arrived :( Believe me, I'm as anxious as you. I shall be making the annoying, "Hey, why isn't our tile here yet? I really really really really want it" call later today. But we have kept ourselves busy with other tasks here and there. For example, now that the front room has been painted all the books that were sitting in Chris' office can finally return

It wasn't too long ago that I cleaned off and reorganized the books, but I decided to reorganize them again when they went back this time :) Organizing is fun :) No seriously, it is :)

First up, the left bookcase

I dubbed this the entertainment bookcase: movies, TV, sports, and music. Into the room the books came

And then they started to get organized

I probably did the most organizing with these movie books. Before they were generally put into sections, but I got really nerdy this time and really organized them into categories: film reference, film history, film genre, film criticism, film music, studios, directors, film scripts and actor biographies and autobiographies. I told you I got really nerdy :)

And the two things that I wanted to stand out in this section were an industry journal dedicated to Chris' grandfather

and one of the books he wrote

Chris' grandfather was considered an expert in American film music and when he passed away the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences actually came and asked his grandmother if they could take some of his notes for their archives. Pretty cool stuff. I'm always sad that I never got to meet him as he passed away shortly after Chris and I started dating, but many people in his family say Chris reminds them of him and he certainly gets a lot of his love for movies from him :) A lot of our movie books are from his personal collection and it's nice to have that piece of him in our house.

The rest of the books went in much more simply because we didn't have nearly as many in any other category. I think the bookcase looks pretty good

Then it was on to the right bookcase

This bookcase was filled with history, politics, philosophy, religion, pop culture, biographies and autobiographies, our travel books and scrapbooks. Pretty much all the leftovers

I started with the travel stuff and scrapbooks (I like the make a book from all the trips we go on and that huge one is from our 3 month baseball road trip) because those were easier to organize. The history and political and philosophy books were a bit of an adventure (and Chris has a decent amount because he was a Poly Sci major), but I think it looks pretty nice (I crack myself up putting the little toilet I made in a ceramics class in the "historical criticism" area, hehehehehe)

Ahhhh, nicely organized shelves make my heart all aflutter :) Now, I gotta go make that phone call...


Deb said...

I'll call the tile guy and get your tile delivered (they call me "the hammer" at work) and you come organize my house. Deal?

threeacres said...

That is so cool about your grandpa in law! What a great story. Makes a lot of sense of why he loves movies so much. The new bookcases are lookin' good!

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Your shelves look so inviting now, I want to peruse! Awesome about his grandfather, not many people have something that cool to show off!

meryl rose said...

I like bragging about Chris' grandpa because I think it's SO COOL :)

And that totally sounds like a deal Deb! ;)