From Back Bathroom to Spray Station

When we sprayed the cabinet for my dad and Wendy we got 3 chairs primed. 2 more still needed to get primed (we have 6 chairs total, but one was already painted). I brought them into my art room and got them all primed and ready

Getting the wicker painted was a little tricky. I needed enough paint on the brush to really get in all the cracks, but not too much that it dripped everywhere

The second chair was a lot easier (we still need to attach the arm rest)

And after about an hour or an hour and a half all the chairs were ready to get painted

We had planned to spray all the chairs on Sunday before the 49er game, but alas our plans were nearly thwarted when it started raining all day long (it was only supposed to rain in the late afternoon so we had figured we could get it done in the morning). Naturally we didn't decide not to spray, we just made a spray station out of our still gutted back bathroom. Duh.

We set up a plastic zip wall to protect the laundry room from getting any overspray on the walls, windows, washer/dryer, etc. And once we got it all set up Chris hopped inside and got to spraying while I stayed outside to make sure the plastic held tight and shuffled the chairs in and out to him

Getting the chairs painted wasn't too hard, though we had a to wait a while in between each coat (we put two on those babies) because it was kinda cold so the drying time took longer.

After all the spraying there were still some areas here and there that needed some touching up. Because most of the chairs have little tiny crevices on the arms, legs and backs and getting them painted with the sprayer was a little difficult, I touched them up by hand

And now, they're sitting pretty ready for me to re-install the butts! (which still means cutting a butt for two of them out of plywood)

Meanwhile, the gutted back bathroom/spray station looks like a fucking turquoise bomb went off in it

Maybe I should write a note to a future homeowner who may possibly re-gut the bathroom in 50 or so years that we used this room as a spray station and not to sacrifice some turquoise blooded raccoon?


Katy @ Turtle House said...

You crack me up! Can't wait to see them all done... and the tile looks awesome too by the way!! I love all the different colors in it.

Robin @ 3 acres & 3,000 sf said...

LOL a note on the backside of the drywall would be appropriate. The two colors look great together. They are going to be so fun with your new fabric!

Robin @ 3 acres & 3,000 sf said...

Hey I'm having issue commenting with my OpenID BTW. I tried to write comments on multiple blogspot blogs today and only one other site was having the same issues. Weird!

meryl rose said...

tehehe :)

I hope your commenting is working now without any hiccups on blogger sites Robin!