Have Tools, Will Travel

This past weekend we headed down to LA to work on some projects for Chris' mom and grandma and to also pay Chris' dad a visit.

When we were there last Thanksgiving I happened to be sick also, so Chris worked away at replacing a vanity in Max's bathroom

And this time Chris worked on replacing the toilet in the same bathroom (it was leaking and the tiles were starting to crack and we knew there'd be some damage to the subfloor). Once the toilet was out we could better assess how bad the subfloor was, and I don't think it was as bad as we were anticipating, which is good news for a one day project

So Chris crawled under the house and added some structure

And then laid down some thin set and put down the tiles we were able to salvage

A few tiles cracked when Chris was taking them up, and so we had to make due with just some thin set down and hope that the new toilet would cover it

Thankfully, the new toilet covered about 90% of it and there was no more toilet rocking on a wavy, uneven floor (kitty approved)

There was a touch of thin set showing on the right side

But considering the project took us 3/4 of Saturday (of course we had to stop to watch the 9ers game!) and Sunday morning and we couldn't find tile to match it, I think Chris did a pretty awesome job. And Max is delighted with her new, soft close Toto toilet, so that's what matters most :)

The next day we headed over to Chris' mom's house. I was feeling better that next day so I was a bit more involved in the projects, which I'm sure Chris appreciated :) The big project was refinishing her front door

As you can see, whoever sealed it before didn't do a very awesome job. So while Chris was inside fixing her hot water pressure and figuring out how to install some future trim for her the next time we're down there, I got out the palm sander and went to town

I couldn't get in all the little nooks and crannies and sand away that reddish stain, but I think I did a pretty good job and Chris came in at the end to try to shove that sand paper into those grooves as well and got a bit more, so I think it looked good and ready to seal.

This time around Lisa decided to seal it without staining it, and I think it turned out a really nice golden, warm brown

I was a little nervous about how those reddish nooks and crannies would take the sealer and if they would stand out too much, but I think it looks really good actually and adds more dimension to the panels

Best of all, Lisa loves it.

And with that it was into the car, up 5 and back to Oakland and into bed (after a good shower though because we were covered in sawdust). It was a good weekend though. Lots of good visiting, great football (go 9ers!!!!) and a couple completed projects :)


Reuben said...

wow, you guys cranked out a couple of great projects in hardly any time at all. This would have taken me about 4 months!

meryl rose said...

nothing like a time crunch of 350 miles to light a fire under your ass! :)

Anonymous said...

What kind of hand sander did you use on the front door? Our front door needs sanding & staining, too. Did you change sandpaper grit, or just use one type? Thanks!

meryl rose said...

We used a Rigid 6" orbital sander at 60 grit, then 100, then 150 (set to 1/8" orbit). To get in the nooks and crannies a multitool like a dremel would work, but we just didn't bring one down with us. Hope that helps!

threeacres said...

You are an awesome son/daughter! We need to have kids like that someday so they can come help us with projects LOL.

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Cheers to repairs that aren't as bad as you were anticipating! What a relief that must have been!