The Herringbone is Here!

I'm know, I know, believe me, I'm sorry that we didn't work on sanding the floors this weekend between working at my dad and Wendy's and working 1/2 day on Sunday to watch the playoffs, but OMGGGGGGGGG look at what I picked up on Friday afternoon

Look at that beautiful amazingness

It took a bit longer than anticipated to finally get it all home in our house and I normally would have gotten really pissed off the tile shop and called them and let them have it (or take Deb up on her offer to lay the hammer down), but 2 things stopped me, the first: oh. my. god. I. love. our. tile.

And the second: this place has really great customer service. Upon realizing that they messed up and only had 1/2 the order correct they totally admitted fault, apologized, reordered the tile, called to tell me the next day that the tile had been reordered, sent back an order when it arrived all cracked and then encouraged me to look through every sheet when I came to pick it up to make sure it was all okay and then replaced 2 sheets that I was nit-picking on that were a bit cracked and apologized again for how long it took. Seriously, amazing customer service. Good job Tez Marble.

But really, I can't stop looking at it

And another angle

How about another one?

Okay okay, last one

I just typed out 4 sentences and deleted them because I could not contain my excitement in how much I love the tile and there were typos all over the place. Eeeeeee! Maybe this will get us motivated to sand and refinish the floors. I hyperventilate thinking about how crisp and beautiful things will look with some great bright white grout. Bahhhhh!!!!!!


Deb said...

Oh.My.God. That tile is gorgeous! can't wait to see it all done - YAY!!!

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Oh, I'm SO jealous. I need to find a way to incorporate tile like that in my house...

Robin @ 3 acres & 3000 sf said...

*drool* That is some amazing looking tile! It is going to go so well with your fireplace. I can't wait!

meryl rose said...

Eeee! I am so excited to install it! I absolutely love love love the herringbone!