Oh Yeah, TWO Check Marks

We checked off two things from the list this past weekend: finally finishing fixing my mom and CBH's front stoop, and fixing their garage door. Yay!

When we were there working on the front stoop nearly 9 months ago (bad procrastination) we sanded down and repainted the handrail because the paint was bubbling, repaired some redwood dryrot and installed some venting

But there was still this piece of redwood that needed to be replaced

It was a pretty simple task. Chris cut out the wood to make an even surface to slide a new piece up against it

Then it was just a matter of cutting down some new redwood, installing it, putting bondo over the connection to help make it flush, sand, prime and paint

Good as new! :)

The garage door also needed some fixing because as you can see from this photo it's leaning to the left and dragging on the ground

This one Chris and CBH were a little unsure about how to fix properly. There were lots of things that could be done to modify it so that it worked, but obviously CBH wanted the problem fixed. Chris thought something was probably wrong with the brackets on the side that was slumped

So they took the bolts out, shimmed the door up a bit and then screwed them in a bit higher up on the door to lift it up

And then it opened!

But we noticed when we went outside that it still slumped on that side

And then we found the problem

The spring had busted and none of us noticed it. Well, there ya go. CBH set out with the spring in hand to a few hardware stores in the hopes that they would have something that would fix it. He tried a local salvage yard and totally scored when the owner told him a spring that looked exactly the same had come in a few days ago! And, when he asked how much it cost, the owner said, "How much do you want to pay?" Which is a bit startling, but CBH said, "$10?" (and the gentleman was very excited about that price.) Score! CBH brought it home triumphantly

The spring was installed (perfect fit) and Chris and CBH attached some bracing as well (to give the door some shear strength) and now, the door works like a charm

The new spring is working like a champ

Ahhh, the joys of checking two things off the list

And I'm sure my parents are happy we finally got these things done for them :) Now, if only we could get around to that garage roof...


Reuben Collins said...

great job on that repair! I can hardly see the seam where the new meets the old.

meryl rose said...

I know, Chris did an AWESOME job. He actually replaced the piece that runs horizontally and makes the 140ish degree angle with the right piece that runs up the porch and you literally cannot see the seam at all even up close and personal. I was highly impressed. Kudos to Christopher.