Ohhhhh. Ahhhhhh.

Alternative title for this post: Meryl Should have Taken Better Notes.

You remember this light we bought a long long time ago?

That I worked on refinishing by spray painting it oil rubbed bronze about 2 months ago?

Well, it is FINALLY up in the front room, yay!!!! But it didn't come without a headache. I thought my brain took detailed notes when I took the light apart, but, I was wrong. One wouldn't necessarily think putting a light together that you had taken apart that didn't have too many parts would be that difficult. But an hour through the light still looked like this

Now, that sort of looks correct, but that stupid pipe thing coming out the top was still too long and so the chain part that attached to the top didn't screw down far enough for all the parts to not move around and wiggle a lot. I was starting to get really pissed off so Chris came in to help. We finally go the light put together semi-correctly (we couldn't figure out what to do with 2 parts, but the light seemed to look fine and was strong enough, so...) But when we tested out hanging it from the ceiling neither of us thought it hung low enough. So we had to take it apart again so Chris could rewire it with longer electrical (or you could splice two wires together, but that would look not so hot)

And then? IT WAS TIME TO HANG IT! As you can tell, I was very excited for this step :) It came with some headaches also (attaching the old escutcheon to the new light and the pitched ceiling was a tad difficult), but we got it up and it looks glorious!

Chris and I love love love it. The light actually went up about 3 weeks ago (seriously, no lie), but one of the bulbs didn't work straight out of the packaging (LAME) and so I didn't want to post pictures of it until we had gone back to HD to get more bulbs so it was lit in all its gloriousness :) But we kept forgetting the bulbs, and then I kept forgetting to actually screw them in, and then I kept forgetting to take pictures of it... BUT, now it's all working and it's amazing!

I'm really really happy that Chris likes it a lot too because he wasn't too keen on the idea of replacing the old one and getting a new one. I totally understood his reasoning, but the old light I didn't think fit the room as well (plus, we'll reuse it in the nook later when we refinish that room because an ugly ceiling fan is in there now). Chris gave me props for the light choice and I gave him props for waiting it out to see how it turned out and we gave props to the awesome light for lighting the room so well

As you can tell, we like it a lot :)

And now this room is really well lit, and that's a super great development because the old lighting wasn't very good. 4 new recessed cans (well, 5 if you count the $25 baby can in the relief area), 2 sconces and the center light all make for great lighting and a great front room :)

Now it's just time to finally get to those damn floors.


Heather said...

It looks so good! And way to not spray paint it white like everyone seems to be doing. :)

Deb said...

Love it - It's very classic and elegant - perfect!

meryl rose said...

Thanks ladies :) Heather - I totally agree, it seems like all lights nowadays are getting refinished white white white. I thought the ORB would look real crisp and clean in the room so I'm glad you guys like it too!