Polka Dots and Soggy Socks

After Chris' sawdust party we were well on our way to almost being done with the cabinet, which is very exciting, but there was still a bit of work to go.

Tuesday evening after work Chris and I worked on adding an extension to the counter top (we accidentally made it about 8" too short so we made an extension that you won't really be able to notice because it's in the back of the nook and the TV will hang over it and it will all be painted)

And don't worry, we slapped some bondo on that joint and sanded the shit out of it and now it's basically non-existent.

We also worked on attaching the faux drawers to the lower panel

Then Chris spent a little more time working on bits here and there while I found a warm retreat inside as I'm still a bit sick (it's been quite chilly in the Bay Area lately. And by chilly I mean cold for my raised in the warm and hardly ever under 40 degree central Bay Area weather. Yes, I know, totally spoiled)

Then Wednesday was the big day: time to paint! And luckily, Chris and I both had the day off. It had been forcasted to possibly rain (some "huge" storm that has yet to really role in minus some drops here and there). We were a little worried, but lucky for us there was nada rain. There was even some nice intermittent sunshine.

While Chris worked on attaching the panel with the faux drawers, drilling out where the hinges will go and other numerous small to do's I worked on setting up a paint station. We used to just use the sprayer willy nilly because either our patio looked like shit or it was just all dirt, but now with our glorious new patio we wanted to make sure we were really careful

I think the faux drawers look pretty good and I hope my parents add a bit of hardware to them to faux them up a little more

With the paint station set up we had just a few last tasks to complete before we were paint ready. We had to bondo and sand the faux drawer panel joint

We had to make the cut outs on the counter so the components can breathe

(that screen will go over the cut out and be painted the same color as the cabinet).

And then, it was time to paint

The primer went quick and so we brought out three of our future ticket table chairs that have been on our "get these babies primed!" to do list for some time (my wishlist for Thanksgiving weekend to be precise)

We were preoccupied with our excitement for how well priming was going, so we didn't notice the over spray from the sprayer. GASP! We had made a pretty kaleidoscope of baby polka dots all over the pavers, ahhhhh! We sprinted for the hose, a sponge and a broom and sprayed sprayed sprayed and scrubbed scrubbed scrubbed. When we stepped on the bricks there was paint all over the bottom of our shoes (duh!) and we got more paint on the patio, ahhhh!!!!! So we sprayed and scrubbed more. But by this time there was too much water on the patio and it started to flow back to the spray station, ahhh!!! So we looked at each other in nervousness and Chris pulled off his shoes and hopped on the soaking wet patio to broom off all the water

Sigh. True love. And I mean Chris' true love for our patio. He's stated numerous times it's the project he's most proud of to date so there's no way he wanted that baby painted in polka dot primer. After the polka dot and soggy sock fiasco we built a bridge over to the sprayer (which also got us over to the deck to get inside)

Now that both us and the spray station were safe it was time to get back to spraying (we kept the area around the spray station damp so any over spray wouldn't stick to the patio but instead sit on top of the water and then we'd broom it away)

The two color coats (a creamy white color matched to my parent's baseboard) took a bit longer than we had hoped with sanding between each coat and drying time (which took longer because it was cool). It was starting to get below 50 which is a no no for the water/oil hybrid paint so we accepted the fact that we couldn't get a second coat on the counter :( but everything else got two coats, so we still considered it a success.

With us not able to do any more painting because it was getting too cold for the paint, we started packing things up

3 chairs down!

And last night after work while I made dinner Chris sanded down the doors where the sprayer had dripped a bit of paint...

...and then put a second coat on the newly sanded doors and the still to be second coated counter top.

And now, we're ready for install!

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