Starting to Prep our Ticket Table Wood

With the wonderful reclaimed wood for our future fabulous ticket table purchased, I set about getting it ready to be planed. That included inspecting for nails, taking said nails out (although I still haven't quite gotten around to that one yet...) and cutting everything down to size.

A few evenings ago last week while Chris was working on the cabinet we're building for my dad and Wendy I started inspecting the table top wood for the best 72" to be cut down and used for the top (I actually measured out about 74" so we have a bit of wiggle room). Not wanting to start cutting everything down at night (the sun was starting to set) I just made markings of where the cuts would go

The "K" was written on the side of the line we would keep and that will also be the face that will be the top of the table. At the same time I also inspected for nails and marked off where we'd need to remove them if I couldn't do it easily right then

It was an easy task that didn't take too long and I was lucky that we installed a good outdoor light so I could continue working after the sun went down

With all the table top wood marked and Chris at a good stopping point on the cabinet we called it a night and resumed the next day. I set up a little work station

And got to cutting

I cut down 16 2x4's and 2x3's for the table top, and once they were all cut down to about 74" I laid them out to get an idea of what the top would look like (minus the glass and tickets of course)

Now that is a big, chunky, hulking table top! :) And it's actually about 6" too wide, but after things get planed and sanded it'll shrink down to size.

After I was done with the table top I sorted out the other wood by section and went through those as well looking for nails and making cut marks

And then I started cutting them down to size as well (cutting them 1-2" longer than needed to be safe)

And soon, all the wood was cross cut

Now I just need to get off my tushy to rip all those nails out...


Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Wow, looks like a big project. But it will be so cool.

meryl rose said...

And man oh man building the cabinet for my dad and Wendy is getting me excited to build this sucker. But we still have to get to those floors...grrr....