We're Building Another Cabinet

The first time building a cabinet at my dad and Wendy's went pretty well, so we're at it again!

This time it's for this little nook (another last year project we're finally getting to...)

The plan is to build a cabinet in that nook where the fireplace used to be and make it look like it was meant to be - a tough task because the nook is raised off the ground.

It all started again with a drawing. Well 2 this time because the build was a bit more complicated

The idea is to have the cabinet span the length of the open nook as 3 compartments: the two on the left and right will have doors and house all the DVD stuff, DirectTV receiver, stereo, etc. The one in the center will house the sub-woofer and some speaker I always forget the name of, so it will be open. Then, below the two doors and the speaker compartment on the section where the wall is we'll build a faux panel with 3 faux drawers (the drawing has only one, but we called an audible and made 3 because we thought it would look better) to make it look like the cabinet goes all the way to the ground instead of floating in the wall. The cabinet will be backless to allow components to breathe and so the cables can freely plug into other components in other sections. The sides will have fluting like the other cabinet and the counter will have 2 cut outs to also let all the components inside breathe. Whew!

Then it was time to start building

I wasn't nearly as involved in the early building of this cabinet because I was working on projects for my brother or sick. Boo. But in the last couple of days I've started helping Chris out.

Once most of the cabinet was built...

...it was time to start some of the finishing touches: cutting the fluting, sanding the bondo (face frame joints, door joints, etc.) and making the faux drawers.

While Chris worked on building the extension that the drawers will attach to I worked on sanding the cabinet, doors and fluting

Then it was time for Chris to break out the router and cut a nice pattern into the sides of the faux drawers

And you might be able to tell from the above pic that he got covered in saw dust

Good thing for the goggles and dust mask

With that, we called it a day on Monday (we came back from LA on Sunday, a day earlier than we originally planned so we could work on the cabinet). We knew we'd have about a day left to paint and get to the last little finishing touches (attaching the faux panel and a few other things) so it was definitely time to shower.


Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Ooooh boy! Great idea to turn the nook into a cabinet. I can't wait to see it all finished.

meryl rose said...

I'm excited to get it installed and I HOPE it really looks like a built in like the other cabinet does!