Getting Stain Ready

Well, I now officially know why Chris and I weren't too thrilled to get started refinishing the floors: it sucks. After we'd covered the floor in our trowel on wood filler, the next task was sanding it all off. So we trekked on over to HD to rent a sander, brought it home...

...and got to work

After a few passes at a small sample area we cleared the dust (oh, and get ready for LOTS of dust) in order to see what it would look like once everything was sanded

With things looking like they'd end up being okay, from then on for the next 4 hours it was sand sand sand sand sand sand sand sand sand (Chris with the finish sander, me with the palm sander), and holy crap was it a dusty process

But we finally finished all the sanding...

...and were left with allllll the cleaning that was needed to be done

First, we vacuumed in the hopes of getting at least most of the dust off the ground. Then, the plastic came down

After that came the horrible task of cleaning all the walls. And that sucked. The dust was so heavily caked on...

...that in some places we had to clean 3 times in order to get all the dust and haze off the walls.

Once the walls were (mostly) clean, it was on to the baseboards

We ran the sponge over them first, then came around with a scrapper and scrapped the wood filler off them

At that point we were pretty tired, so we called it a day and yesterday morning we woke up and finished things off. With most of the walls and baseboards clean, bits of dust had found their way back to the floor. I got the broom and swept everything, then we vacuumed...

...and then we used the tack cloth.

In the end we got to see how well the trowel on wood filler worked. While in most areas I thought it did a really good job, there were still a decent amount of places we weren't able to quite squish it all the way into

And we found about a dozen shiny nail heads :(

But, what are you gonna do?

It was a long long long long process. But at that point we were finally ready for stain


Reuben Collins said...

Incredible work, guys. You're really doing a thorough job! Do you think you'll have to paint the walls again to totally get rid of ALL the dust and haze?

meryl rose said...

We certainly thought about it, and in our frustration while cleaning we harrumphed that we would. But actually, now 2 days later it looks as if the walls are thankfully clean. Phew!

Robin @ 3 acres & 3000 sf said...

Oh my that makes me cough just looking at it. So much dust. Do you think the amount of dust and sanding could have been significantly reduced if you hadn't used that type of filler? I just seems like a lot more work to put on then sand all down. Can you spot treat those missed parts or is it a one time deal?

meryl rose said...

It did make it a lot more dusty, but the floors had a lot of gaps between boards, nail holes to fill, gouges, etc. so we figured it would be a lot easier (though more messy) to just cover it all in order to fill as many of the gaps as possible