Maytag Refrigerator: You Suck

I finally conned Chris into writing another post for the blog :) Here it is!

when we got our new maytag frig we were pretty psyched about it. lots of space, stainless steel, etc. alas, 14 months later there was a leak underneath it. my first guess was that it was something having to do with the connection between the valve and the frig. upon inspection, though, it looked like it was coming from a tray in the back. so, we looked into getting it fixed under warranty, but the manufacturer wouldn't stand by their product. over $1,000 spent on a frig and they stand by it for a year? i've purchased window tinting for my truck with a longer warranty than that. c'est la vie.

of course this all came up at a busy time on the house so we called in a service company to take a look at it. $75 later and it was revealed that there was a crack in the plastic evaporator tray at the back of the frig.

according to the tech, this tray was once made of aluminum instead of plastic. unfortunately it looks like maytag thought it was more important to save $0.40 on a plastic tray than it was to go with durability and longevity. so we forked over another $50 for an overpriced equivalent replacement (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005B48UY8/ref=oh_o03_s00_i00_details).
it took about an hour to take out the old one (once we had all the right tools and got the frig lifted properly) and replace it.

we reinforced it a bit with duct tape just for good measure.

[thanks for the Christmas present mom!]

thanks for nothing maytag.

And side note from me, Meryl: I would like to note as well that Maytag continues to send us invoices indicating they would like to steal our money and have us subscribe to a "new" warranty, however, when I called them they said that we weren't even permitted to be registered for a new warranty because a service person has come out to look at our fridge but the warranty letters still keep coming. Assholes.

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