A New Meaning to my Favorite Painting

My favorite painting is by Gustave Caillebotte. As an art major in college I took just a few art history classes, but my absolute favorite was a summer school class I took at Cal about Paris in the 19th century. In that class I fell in love with Impressionism and though Caillebotte wasn't necessarily and Impressionist (or a very prolific artist) he was a huge patron of Impressionists and his few paintings are among my favorites. There is Rainy Day and the Bridge of Europe, but my absolute favorite is The Floor Scrapers

Something about the beauty in their work and dedication made me fall in love. The crazy thing is I fell in love with this painting 9 months before we ever found our house and moved in and started this crazy renovating adventure. I guess I just knew floor refinishing was somehow in our future.

As a birthday present 2 1/2 years ago Chris got me a print of the painting and it's been hanging in my art room ever since

I still always look at it and marvel at the beautiful floor shavings, the gleam on the floor and the joy in their work. And although we didn't have to refinish our floor by hand (thank GOD, although I bet it's certainly a lot less dusty) I can now add a new layer to my appreciation of this painting

Who knew my loves of art and home renovation would collide in such a laborious way? Thanks Gustave Caillebotte. And of course Chris for gifting me this now absolutely beloved painting.


worry wort said...

I love the Floor Scrappers -- I've got it in magnet form on my fridge. Although have to say that I obviously can't have quite the same hands-on appreciation for it that you do.

meryl rose said...

I didn't know you had a magnet of that painting! Great minds think alike :)