NOW We Can Check it off the List

Saturday night we headed up to my dad and Wendy's to finally check the cabinet off the list, yay!!! Since we installed the cabinet my dad found matching baseboards at HD and installed them, so all that was left for us was building and putting in a cover for the subwoofer

Chris built a simple frame

And he stretched white fabric screen across it. After, he installed metal brackets on the back that would help the cover slide into the opening and hold in place with magnets.

When we got to their house Chris drilled out 4 holes, 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom

And then slide some powerful magnets into the holes he drilled (the magnets were super fun to play with because they were so strong - they could find the nails in the subfloor below the hardwood floors!)

Once the magnets were in place, Chris just slid the cover into place and the metal brackets on the back were held in place by the newly installed magnets, and poof! the job was done!!!

That little eyeball is an infa-red sensor so that my dad and Wendy can change all the channels and settings, etc. with the remote despite all the components being behind the cabinet doors

My dad and Wendy pushed the TV further back into the cabinet so you can see more of the counter top and so the TV doesn't look like it fills out the space so much

I'm super happy to be able to finally call this project done for dad and Wendy because it took us a loooong time to finally hop to it and get it built for them. They only stared at plywood subfloor, patched drywall and cords hanging everywhere for over a year...

It's been quite an amazing transformation from the old fireplace and weird nook

To now having two (totally awesome) built in cabinets :)

Thanks for being patient with us dad and Wendy :) and I'm so so so glad the cabinets turned out so well! :)

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