After Weeks, There is Finally Light Again

Ever since we took down the light in the TV Room things have been pretty dark. For example, picture 1: no lights

Picture 2: lights on in the front room

Picture 3: lights on in the front room AND kitchen

Obviously we are in dire need of getting lights back into this room. And in order to get that done we needed to prime and paint the ceiling. So that's just what we did.

First we knocked down any of the texture that was a bit too thick in places

And while Chris worked on that I started the dreaded task of priming the awesome plaster detail. Getting a paintbrush into all those wonderful nooks and crannies ached my neck and back, but it started to make it all look gorgeous again, so it was well worth it

And then while Chris moved on to applying the texture to the walls...

...I went out to the garage to get the roller extension and started priming the rest of the ceiling

And I proceeded to get paint all over my face. Seriously, every time I paint ceilings my face becomes a polka dot painting. Chris does it: not a drop anywhere. I do it: I'm a fucking Georges Seurat painting.

Once the primer was done and Chris was done with the first coat of wall texture (hooray!) he started applying the flat ceiling coat on the plaster moulding...

...and I continued with the roller

Chris completed about 1/2 of the plaster ceiling coat painting and moved on to working on some other projects so I finished the plaster detail. Because I tell Chris every year that his New Year's Resolution is to take more pictures of me working (seriously, for every 50 pictures of him, there's maybe 1 of me so I'm sure no one thinks I ever do anything on this house damnit), this is the look I give him after I say "You could take a picture of me painting the plaster?" and he rolls his eyes at me

And then he takes a picture up my nose

If that's not love, I don't know what is :) But he did take a regular picture too :)

Once we were done with all the painting, it was time to wire in the recessed lights

And after a minor wiring snafu that involved Chris crawling up into the attic to rewire something quickly, we had light!

And then last night when Chris got home from work, the center light went in, hooray!

And you may notice that the center, front light bulb isn't there - when we were screwing all the bulbs in, that was one dead. I debated unscrewing one from the front room light and putting on this one for the sake of a complete picture, but then I was just too lazy and figured it didn't really matter.

A far cry from the dingy, gross, popcorn ceiling just a couple weeks before

Now that's a ceiling worth looking at :)


Deb said...

Yay!! It looks so great - I still can't get over the ceiling mouldings. I can't believe someone covered them and I am so glad you brought them back :)

meryl rose said...

It really is such a HUGE improvement for so little work in the grand scheme of things to bring them back to life. The ceiling got a big high five between me and Chris last night, it looks so pretty :)

Sarah @ { rad: renovations are dirty } said...

What an amazing improvement!

em said...

The ceiling looks amazing! Wow. Great job. Next time tell Chris to take pictures of a paint-splattered Meryl :)

Heather said...

Did you hear me shout "DAYAM" from Oregon? It looks SO good. Props for rehabbing the old light fixture.

I still can't believe someone put popcorn texturing over that beautiful plaster detail.

Bunny @ 86n It said...

so so so much better!

Katy @ Turtle House said...


Shasha Kidd said...

Nice job! What an improvement!

Robin @ 3 acres & 3,000 sf said...

Sweet! The whole room is looking so good with just that ceiling brought back to life.

meryl rose said...

Thanks everyone!!! I think so far it has been the quickest and cheapest redo that has given the most positive impact. I LOVE the ceiling, I can't stop staring at it :)