Another Refinished Light

The TV room has got a really cool period light

Chris always thinks the light is too bright so we routinely only have 2-3 light bulbs screwed in. I think when we put this sucker back in the room we'll get lower wattage bulbs.

Anyway, the light is super cool, but it is in need of some desperate cleaning and jazzing up

And since we started removing the popcorn ceiling in order to bring the room back to its original awesome-ness, we brought the light down to spruce it up too

Once we took it down I brought it outside to clean it up while Chris got started on removing the popcorn ceiling (that primer bucket is filled with water, don't worry)

It actually took a decent amount of time for such a small light - a bit over an hour. Hanging from the light are 48 little double crystal/glass teardrops and each one had to be removed and cleaned. They were dirty. Here's an example: the one on the left hasn't been cleaned yet, and the one on the right is all sparkly and just like new

But there I sat for nearly 50 minutes cleaning crystal/glass teardrop danglies

When they were all cleaned they looked like candy, yummy

And then my attention was turned to the base of the fixture because clearly it hadn't been cleaned in a long time

Once everything was finally all cleaned off I prepped it to get painted

Yes, that's right, I'm spray painting a period fixture. You may recoil in horror and hate me for it, and that's totally your right, but I'm not a fan of brass fixtures and this one has been through a lot and looking not so hot anymore. In addition, we love how the front room light turned out and that one was spray painted as well. So sue me :)

It got a few light coats of oil-rubbed bronze spray paint, then I hung those crystal/glass teardrop danglies back on and it cleaned up gorgeous

Now we've just got to finish the ceiling and hang this baby back up!


Cheryl said...

Isn't cleaning those crystals the most tedious job in the world. And my mother made me use either ammonia or vinegar - so cleared the sinuses at the same time!

But once all clean & back on the fixture it certainly was a beautiful sight to behold.

Can't wait to see yours reinstalled!

meryl rose said...

Ammonia or vinegar? That is intense! I'm still stuffed up from being sick the past few weeks, so maybe I should have done that to clear my sinuses :)

Robsalot said...

It looks awesome!

meryl rose said...

Thanks! :)

Deb said...

Beautiful light :) I, too, had to use ammonia to clean the crystals on our chandeliers growing up. Blech!

meryl rose said...

Maybe I should make Chris do that next time ;)