Ceiling Jewelry

Chris and I were both real keen on putting up a ceiling medallion in the TV room. I love me some ceiling medallions and the TV room seems like a perfect for one: it's a great entrance space into the house, we've got some awesome plaster detail on the ceiling already and it's flat and expansive with plenty of room for one to fit without it looking crowded with the recessed lights.

Our first stop was HD, but their selection wasn't so great so I turned to the internet. Both of us weren't really sure how much it would cost so we'd somehow put it in our head that we'd have to spend about $75 on one, so I was surprised and excited to find that we could spend about $40 with shipping and tax to get one to our home sweet home.

I originally started looking for medallions with egg and dart moulding that would match the plaster moulding on our ceiling

I didn't actually like many of the medallions with egg and dart because besides that detail there really wasn't much other trimming to them so they were pretty plain. I started looking around for ones that had some trimming to them that looked kinda similar. So imagine my excitement when I found this baby for $31!

Here's what totally won both me and Chris over: the outer trimming resembles our original plaster trim we revealed on our ceiling, the center trimming resembles the corbels in the front room, and it's solid urethane and lightweight so it makes installation super easy. Plus, the price was awesome. We snatched it up.

When it arrived in the mail and we opened it I was very excited. Sometimes I get scared and nervous that the quality of products we buy online aren't going to hold up in person, so I was glad that the pattern and quality looked great

It came pre-primed so I brought out the flat ceiling paint that will eventually be painted on the ceiling so that the medallion would match in color. We briefly debated painting it a different color or painting some detail in it but we quickly decided we wanted it the same color as the ceiling

I used Glidden's ceiling paint that goes on pink at first (and dries flat white), which was a godsend because it was hard making sure I got paint in all the cracks and crevices

It didn't take too long to get it all painted (maybe 25 minutes) and it was pretty in pink...

...but slowly drying flat white

And then this past weekend while I was away at my dad and Wendy's painting their hallway and having my dad help me with my taxes (2 W-2's and 3 1099's was a little too advanced for me) Chris attached it to the ceiling using joint compound (totally easy). He of course took no pictures of the process because Meryl is the official picture taker :) but it's looking snazzy up on that ceiling

There are small gaps here and there between the medallion and the ceiling, so we'll have to cover it up a bit, but nothing too bad. And you may have noticed in that second pic of the medallion that Chris finished the texture on the ceiling this past weekend also

That means it's time to prime and paint the ceiling and hang up the light!


Heather said...

Man, you guys are boogie-ing through this room remodel! The medallion looks great.

Sarah @ { rad: renovations are dirty } said...

The medallion looks gorgeous and fits the space perfectly. I'm actually going medallion shopping this afternoon. :)

meryl rose said...

Heather - I know, it's fun when there aren't HUGE projects for a room, it feels like we fly through it. Hooray!

Sarah - medallion SHOPPING!? My oh my that sounds positively awesome :)