Ceiling Repair, Speaker & Lighting Placement

Once all the popcorn was removed it was time to figure out where we wanted our new recessed can lighting in this room to go. We knew we wanted four cans, one in each corner, so we measured out 1/4 - 1/2 - 1/4 for where the placement should be (the cans would be 1/4 of the distance of the width of the room from each side wall)

Chris drilled a pilot hole into the ceiling and then went into the attic to make sure the lights would fit in this position (that they didn't run into a joist or have other cables in the way)

That first one worked, so we repeated the process for the other three, and success, the placement all worked! Once we knew the placement was okay we moved on to figuring out the placement for our surround speakers.

I didn't want the speakers super close to the lights so that they all had room to breathe away from each other so we settled on placing them in the outer trim area of the ceiling

Once we knew their placement worked (it was easy to just go up in the attic and move one stud bay forward from our recessed lights and we centered it in that outer trim area), we traced the area the plaster would need to be chipped away

Then we repeated the process for the speaker on the other side.

With the lighting and speaker placement figured out Chris shipped away the plaster for each can and speaker

Once that was complete we went ahead and repaired parts of the ceiling. With the popcorn removed we were able to see and feel where the plaster was separating from the lathe

In the areas where the plaster and lathe were separating Chris drilled holes (making sure not to drill through the lathe, stopping just as the drill hit it)

Then, PL Premium was squirted into the holes he just drilled (those sharpie lines drawn across holes are ones where we accidentally drilled through the lathe, so we didn't squirt up any PL Premium)

After the PL Premium had been out into all the drilled holes, we drilled in these plaster repair disks that help hold everything in place while the PL Premium dries and reattaches the plaster to the lathe

The ceiling wasn't in terrible shape, so we only had to repeat the process in about 4 or 5 areas

We waited a couple days while the PL Premium worked its magic and installed the cans for the recessed lights

Next up is finishing the ceiling repair by covering it all up! (what, you don't find those disks and peeling plaster romantic?)

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