The Front Room Now has TWO Rugs

That's right, we've got two rugs now in the front room, woo-hoo! What's the second rug for? Well, Chris and I may have a "formal" little vignette going on with the nice white, gray and black rug with some fancy chairs and a future awesome table built to eat and play games at (with a sports ticket collage on top), but we also used to have an 11ft. trampoline in this room

So clearly we're not really "fancy" people. We do however like to workout, so why not use the other side of the room for workout stuff? So that's just what we did.

We bought a weight machine a number of months ago, but for Christmas my dad and Wendy bought us a stationary bike and one of those big exercise balls (yay Amazon wishlist! :) We knew things would be a really tight fit and we wanted to get the smallest rug we could while still providing enough room for everything. A few weeks back Chris built the stationary bike (it was still sitting in the box) so we knew just how long it was to get the appropriate rug. It was in the 5' range and we wanted to make sure a 5' wide rug would fit it (hello Costco toilet paper)

It was really close so we went with a rug that was 5'3".

When it finally arrived (rugsusa.com has free shipping, and it takes a while for those rugs to come. But hey, I'm not complaining about FREE) I rolled it out..

...and hauled in the stationary bike, which was just a little hard by myself

Good thing we got the 5'3" wide one and not the 5' wide one I'd had my eye on because it's practically a perfect fit. A few days later Chris and I huffed and puffed and brought the weight machine into the room

Things were looking okay but I really wanted the yoga mat to be on the rug too so we shifted things around for a tight and friendly fit

Things are a little snug, but Chris and I tested things out to make sure there was enough room if he was on one machine and I was sitting right next to him on another and it wasn't too bad. Plus, I'd rather have everything all on the rug.

The weight machine required a bit of cleaning (seeing as this was still in the room while we were working on texturing the room)

Now we've got a pretty sweet spot in the house to do some working out because really what would a formal front room be like without a weight machine and stationary bike? Whatever floats our boat! :)


Shannon & Chris said...

I love your website, thank you so much for updating so often, it makes my day!! :)

meryl rose said...

Aww, thanks so much!!! That makes MY day :) Knowing someone looks forward to it makes me warm and fuzzy inside, and keeps me motivated to keep the projects and posts coming! :)