No More Couch Wars

Our TV Room looked really crowded with two couches

It was really comfortable because Chris and I both had a couch to spread out on so we didn't have to play a violent game of footsie with each other to claim our territory. But the room just felt so full. And after each day when work on the TV room is completed and we moved the one long couch back into the room in the evening to veg, it just felt better. But neither of us were pleased with the other one for infringing on our stretching out capabilities.

Insert ottoman hunt.

Of course, you know us, we first debated building one :) But we've still got that whole sports ticket table thing to build... so we decided we should just buy one to make our lives easier.

I went to a few local places to check some out in person but wasn't super thrilled with what I was finding so one day while watching TV I started trolling the internet. I usually first ask Chris what he thinks the budget should be. He says a number that makes me roll my eyes, I try to convince him we should spend more and then we try to meet somewhere in the middle. That's what happens with most couples right?

So when he said $100 I thought, I could totally do that.

So I clicked and clicked and clicked and found 2 I like and Chris narrowed it down to this one (which has since gone down to $125 from $140 when I purchased it a week ago, damnit)

Except we got it in Bone, that electric blue color made me want to gouge my eyes out.

Both of us liked the size (36x25) the height (16.5), the color, the fact that it had storage inside, and that it was micro suede and not leather.

Our feet and legs waited in frustration for the week it took on its journey to arrive on our doorstep

It came almost completely assembled

All I had to do was screw the little feet in

And the verdict? Totally comfortable, practical, and no more violent footsie!

I can totally stretch out to watch the tele

And we've got plenty of room to both be stretched out (hello Mr. Christopher toes)

And, at the end of the night I can chuck the blankets into the storage area

Excellent purchase.

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