A Solid Foundation

The back corner of the addition on the house has a terrible foundation

We pried up the "foundation" in about 3 minutes

Your foundation should not be 4" thick.

Making our foundation more solid involved digging a trench. I was not thrilled about digging. I'm still all dug-out from the patio (despite that project now being over for months), so I gave my fair share of complaining

Once the trench was dug Chris worked on the project by himself here and there for about a month (when he had a spare 30 or 45 minutes) to get the project complete.

He bought rebar and rented a rebar bender from the tool lending library here in Oakland and laid it in the trench

And I was a terrible girlfriend and never took any photos of the forms Chris built, the pour he did or all the work he did to attach the supports

The project wasn't quite done yet though. That middle, old support still needed to get cut out. Chris had left it while he installed the new supports to still give the structure enough strength, but our new plan was to have this middle area open to give us convenient access underneath the addition when we have to replumb the back bathroom and any other work we'll need to do down there. With all the supports in place attached safely with simpson ties Chris cut out the old support, installed a bit of blocking on the left and called the project complete

I've now drawn out a plan for a little door we'll install to cover the opening a bit, but that shouldn't take us too long to build and install. Considering I'm usually in the animal room - which occupies the very room above this new foundation - I'm thankful that Christopher is around, now I don't have to worry about this corner of the house falling over :)


Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

There is a rebar bender tool? Awesome! Great job fixing this yourselves, I would've never tried it.

meryl rose said...

I know, I wish I'd gotten a pick of Chris with the rebar bender, it was pretty cool! And it actually ended up being a pretty simple project, start - finish in 1 post! :)