That's Right, More Paint Color Indecision

I should really never be allowed to sit on any paint color decision. As it stands there have only been 3 rooms in the house that I have picked the paint color on the first try of samples, and only 2 of them I really like - foyer and bathroom = amazing, laundry room = eh.

The kitchen: painted the entire thing, hated the color, made us repaint it (thanks for helping paint mom!)

Art Room: I had 13 samples on the walls and could not figure out what the hell I wanted to do.

The animal room: I decided to repaint it at about 8 the night before our carpet was supposed to come after I had painted it earlier in the day. Yup, 2 paint jobs in 24 hours. Well, actually like 8 hours.

And of course you all know I recently rejected the color I had decided on for the front room nearly 2 years ago only to pick a new color.

So, of course, despite having 9 samples on the wall in the TV room and explaining them to nearly everyone who came in the house who wondered why we had paint spotted walls, I have begun to reconsider my decision :)

Yes that's right, more paint color indecision. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with me?

I had wanted to paint the room the color in the second above picture that is pretty much totally covered in primer so you basically can't see it at all. It's called Rhino and it's a darkish dirty blue.

We watch movies, TV and sports a lot. We plan projects in here. We hang out in here. Clearly, a lot of time is spent in here. And well, the color isn't super cheerful and I realized it would probably be a lot more fun to sit in a room a lot that's got a color on the wall that makes me smile.

I've been really into gray lately, but I'm trying to branch out and try things that I wouldn't normally be super into. The original color for the room was blue, but a bit of a muted blue so I thought I'd try to make myself pick a BLUE color. On one of our many trips to HD I grabbed a bunch of samples and brought them home to marinate

Now, I realize these samples look predictably pretty gray :) but I PROMISE they actually look blue in person :)

Chris liked the middle 3 on the top row. I liked the furthest right one on the top row, but Chris thought it looked too baby blue and no one wants a stereotypical nursery color on the TV room walls. So we narrowed it down to the 2nd and 3rd colors from the left on the top row. Chris liked the 2nd one best, I liked the 3rd. I was nervous to pick the 2nd for fear that it was too dark, but I finally got some balls and decided that because the TV room actually doesn't have very much wall space (so many doorways and pass throughs) that it most likely wouldn't look super dark.

So Faded Ink it is!

And you know, we can always repaint ;) Just kidding Chris! I (hopefully) won't make us do that again! :)


Robin @ 3 acres & 3000 sf said...

That looks like a great color choice! At least through the computer screen it does. The gray undertoned blues are my favorite for sure. That color seems similar to our new bathroom only a little darker.

meryl rose said...

Thanks Robin! That's interesting that ours is a bit darker because I was really torn between this color and the one that was just a shade lighter! Sitting at the paint counter at HD Chris was like "pick one pick one pick one" and I just finally said "DARKER!" We'll see how it goes... :)

Anonymous said...

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