We Can Now Sit in all 6 Chairs

That's right, those six chairs I bought forever ago (mid-November thank you very much), then started refinishing long ago and that we butchered a turquoise blooded raccoon in our "back bathroom" not too long ago to get them painted are finally all ready to actually be sat in. Hooray!

You want to know the only two things left on the to do list that took FOREVER to get them done? Cutting a new plywood butt for two of them and then attaching all the butt cushions. Yup, Mrs. Procrastination.

But on this past beautiful Saturday I pulled those suckers outside to work on them

The 4 chairs on the left already had their butt cushions done, but the two on the right still needed a plywood seat cut out for them

The spindly one on the right was super easy, just a simple trapezoid that I measured out and drew on a piece of plywood

Then I cut it out and popped it in place

Now that second chair...

...that one was a bit harder. There were curved angles, arm rest supports to navigate and old wicker evidence to cover up (the seat used to be ripped wicker and I ripped it all out). So while Chris worked away at patching the holes (why didn't we do this before we painted it?)...

...I worked diligently tracing out a template for the seat on ram board

It was really hard getting all the curves and measurements right and early on I messed up and made things a bit too narrow

I wasn't too annoyed though because that's something I could fix easily when I transfered the template over to the piece of plywood. So I continued working on my ram board template

And after about 45 minutes - 1 hour (yes seriously, it took that long) I had a pretty good template, minus that whole too narrow part

I transferred my template onto plywood and used the jigsaw to cut it out (we're on a roll,
two posts in a row with pictures of me in it! Thanks Chris! :)

And yes, Michael Jordan is right, sticking your tongue out totally helps concentration. And you're lucky mine isn't completely hanging out like it normally is when I'm concentrating.

And after another 30-45 minutes or so I finally got it! I initially cut the plywood a bit wider so I had room for error, then it was just a matter of fine tuning. And that curve in the front, phew!

After both plywood butts were done I brought the two inside to get recovered. Again, the simple trapezoid one didn't take long at all, but the crazy shaped one took another 30-45 minutes all added up: 2 pieces of foam, 3 pieces of batting and some crazy cutting and pulling on corners to make it all lay as flat as possible and not pucker. In the end though, it looks pretty good!

Those corners were a doozy

But then it was time for the finishing touch: attaching all the cushions. And once that was all done they were all out in the front room

On our new rug! :) I think the chairs look awesome with the rug

Super snazzy :)

Now we just have to get to that table...


Heather said...

I love that the chairs look like they're in a stand off. They look great!

meryl rose said...

Lol, it does look like a standoff :) I think the ones on the left would win

Bunny @ 86n It said...

This room is going to be amazing! I love them!

Robin @ 3 acres & 3000 sf said...

Awesome! I love the fabric and the fun pop of blue.

meryl rose said...

Thanks ladies!